Travel hands free thanks to Terrada’s new luggage rental service

TeburaTRAVEL by minikura means an innovative diversification of Terrada's quality storage business

Eva González Tokyo (Japan), 1 March, 2017

Japanese Warehouse Terrada announced the launch of an innovative service called “teburaTRAVEL by minikura”. As its own name shows the new service enables travelling hands free. Tebura is the Japannerse word meaning hands free.

With “teburaTRAVEL by minikura,” the users fill a special box with items they wish to store then send it to us, where our dedicated staff will carefully photograph each item and store them in an environment complete with temperature and humidity controls and security. The users can then confirm their items, in photo or list form, via a dedicated website compatible with PCs, smartphones and tablets, and arrange to have them sent in a suitcase whenever and wherever they plan to travel. Dry cleaning of the clothes is included in the service upon return of the items, which makes traveling stress free. Warehouse Terrada is continuously offering new lifestyles to the users from all over the world.

The service enables the users to receive their stored items in a suitcase in any place, and request the items’ dry-cleaning upon return of the items. The package price is $45 and includes:  suitcase rental (for one week); shipping charge for receiving and returning; dry-cleaning (up to three items of clothing) and taxes.
The additional charge for extra cleaning amounts to $4.50 per item of clothing for four or more items (tax included). And the additional charge for the extension of suitcase rental period is $3.00 per day in excess (tax included).

Since establishment in 1950, Warehouse Terrada has been cultivating better storage techniques and investing to store and preserve items under the best environment.
The company is expanding the business beyond the traditional warehousing. Eg. Applying preserviing and restoring techniques to raise the value of stored items that then will be passed on to the next generations.

Terrada does full use of its know how and storage technologies for items that require high expertise such as artworks, audio-visual media, and wines, earning a very good reputation in the storage sector.

TeburaTRAVEL by minikura means an innovative diversification of Terrada’s business rooted in their know how and experience in high quality storage and logistics sectors.

Image over the headline.- TeburaTRAVEL by minikura (Photo: Business Wire)