My name is Cookie. © eastwind.
My name is Cookie. © eastwind.
¿WHAT DO COOKIES ARE? The first aim of the cookies is making it easier for you the access to the services you select in our websites. The cookies also personalise the services offered by the websites, delivering and offering each user the information he/she is interested in o may be interested in taking into account how he/she uses the services. In general a cookie is any kind of file which is installed inside the computer of any user with the aim of storing data. Those data may be updated or recovered by the one who is responsible for the deployment of the cookie. TYPE OF COOKIES deployed through Depending on who manages each cookie: 1) Site owned cookies: those cookies that are sent to the user’s terminal device from a device or domain managed by the editor of the website itself (EASTWIND) from which the service required by the user is delivered . 2) Cookies owned by third parties: those cookies are sent to the site user’s terminal device from a device or domain not managed by the editor of the website (EASTWIND) itself, but by another person/organisation who manages the data collected through the cookies. Depending on the time the cookie keeps activated: 1) Cookies for each session:these kind of cookiesare designed to obtain and store data while the user is accessing a website. They are usually employed to store information that is needed to deliver the service required by the user just once (eg. a list of purchased products). 2) Long lasting cookiesthese kind of cookies keep the data stored in the erminal device of the user. The person or entity who is responsible for the cookie may access it and manage the data stored in the cookie during a pre-defined period of time. This period of time may last from only some minutes to several years.
We are all Cookies. © eastwind.
We are all Cookies. © eastwind.
WHICH KIND OF COOKIES ARE USED IN THIS WEBSITE? The information we provide below can help you understand the different types of cookies that are installed in the user’s terminal device through this website. SITE OWNED COOKIES: 1) Technical cookies: these cookies allow the user of the website surfing accross the whole website and using the different options or services offered in the site, for example controlling the communication of data or sharing contents through social networks. 2) Cookies for personalization:These cookies allow the user of the site access the service with some pre-defined general features in the terminal device of the user taking into account aseries of criteria, such as the language, for example. 3) Cookies for analytics:These cookies allow following and analysing the behavior of the users of the websites the cookies are attached to. These cookies are employed specifically to meassure the activity across this website to extract surfing patterns with the aim of enhancing the site following the outcomes obtained from the analysis of the data related to this point collected in the cookies. 4) Cookies for behavioral advertising: These cookies store information on the behavior of the website users, which is obtained through the permanent watch of their surfing patterns. This observation and information allows EASTWIND elaborate a specific profile tailored to each of this website users in order to show him/her advertising that match to his/her profile and interests. COOKIES OWNED BY THIRD PARTIES: These cookies are managed by providers of analytics and personalisation services other than EASTWIND. We detail below the third parties, who may configure and access cookies (not exempt from the obligation of informing the user of the website and from the obligation of obtaining the consent of the user) deployed in your terminal device). We also detail which are the objectives it is used the information stored in the cookies for.
ObjectiveDescriptionMore information
TECHNICAL This kind of cookies are needed for the website to work properly and share contents in social networks.Facebook

PERSONALISATIONThe cookies for personalization allow the user entering the website with some pre-defined general features, taking into account some criteria related to the user’s terminal, such as the sort of browser employed to enter the site and its regional configuration (geolocation) FOR ANALYTICSThe cookies for analytics allow analysing and meassuring the features and functions of this website with the aim of enhancing it. The cookies belonging to this tipe that are installed through this website are cookies belonging or operated by third parties.
This third party may use a bunch of coolkies to gather data and then inform on the use statistics of the websites with no personal identification of the visitors.
Google Analytics

I’m Cookie from Spain. © eastwind.
BROWSER CONFIGURATION The user of the website can manage the cookies through the browser installed in his/her terminal device. In the links provided below it is provided the information needed to know which kind of cookies have been installed, as well as the procedure to block or eliminate the cookies from your computer. Use the link corresponding to the browser installed in your device. The user can recall his/her consent on the use of cookies in his/her browser through the links detailed above or installing a rejection system (“opt-out”) in his/her browser. Some third parties make it more easy this reject through the following links. Google Analytics: from this link ScorecardResearch: from this link The user must take into account that some features of the contents published in the website are just available if the installation of cookies is allowed in his/her browser. If the user decides not to accept or block specific cookies (attached to the objective of the cookie), this rejection or blocking may cause total or partial website malfunction, or may make for the user not accessible some services offered by the website. UPDATES AND CHANGES IN THE POLICY ON COOKIES EASTWIND can change this policy on cookies if required by new laws, legal regulations or just to adapt it to the instructions provided by the Spanish Agency of Data Protection (Agencia Española de Protección de Datos). Whenever any substantial changes in this policy on cookies take place, the substantial changes will be communicated to the user publishing an informative notice on the website or through e-mail. In case there is any trouble or doubt related to our policy on cookies you can send an e-mail to the address: Latest update of the current policy on cookies, January 2016. This website has been verified in the cookies policy field by AUTOCONTROL on 19th/January/2016 No changes have been added neither on the site coding or the text on this page but that  of the link to the AUTOCONTROL site since then.