Eva González, Editor &CEO, EASTWIND. © eastwind.
Eva González, Editora &CEO, EASTWIND. © eastwind.


Any difficult trouble or looking for a great business idea?. As the father of “Lateral Thinking”, Edward de Bono, found, the answer not always is where step by step logical thinking guides your search. Frecuently the creative idea comes from a sector, solution or person as far from your business as an ant and a drone can be one from each other.

Let’s help you finding your own creative solutions and great business ideas. In Eastwind we are always looking for trends, business, products, people, technologies, in general any interesting content in the most wide range of sectors. We select carefully each information and content we provide through all our channels, always with this in mind: helping Eastwind users find their own and profitable way in business.
We are doing this since 2006, when it was lauched the first eastwind edition, in the begining a weekly newsletter sent by e-mail to our readers.

Soon Eastwind experienced a ten fold increase in its followers. That’s why the first Eastwind website was launched.
In 2010 it was born Eastwindmarketing, specialised in marketing, advertising and communication for professionals. The second member of the Eastwind magazines family is as keen on lateral thinking as its mother, the marketing and advertising section of eastwind.
And we are planning to bring more members to the eastwind magazines family as soon as possible.
This is our philosophy. Just come in and see.


Everybody in Eastwind strongly believe that responsible entrepreneurs and responsible companies are able to generate that balanced and sustainable growth that benefits both the planet Earth and all its dwellers.

Although it not always happens in this way, we also firmly believe that companies and business can become a path for the personal development of all those who run and work in them.
This approach has much to do with the name of all our magazines.


In Eastwind magazines it is usual finding information and business opportunities for entrepreneurs, investors and companies in and from emerging economies. There are many reative business ideas in the so called “rich” countries but there are many other not less clever and worth to be told about, which are born in developing regions.

They are coming new ways of doing business, business philosophies and cultures from the emerging economies, all of them very different to what we are used in the west and it would be not very clever failing to pay all of them the attention they deserve.
Similarly, many western values and ways of doing business can surely help improving the development pace and outcomes in other regions. Let’s learn ones from each others. The secret is in the “mix”.


Always with the idea of being useful and communicating with as many readers as possible, Eastwind magazines are edited from their very begining back to 2006, in both English and Spanish. And we don’t discard to talk with our readers in other languages in the future.

Eva González
(Editor & CEO)

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