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IBM unveils a computer as small as a grain of salt and other 4 tech trends to change the world

IBM unveiled last week the annual ‘5 in 5″, a list of ground-breaking scientific innovations with the potential to change the way people work, live, and interact during the next five years. This year’s predictions span the most talked about areas of tech: AI, quantum computing, blockchain and cybersecurity. Among the projects developed by the […]

#MWC18.- Huawei will start off first commercial 5G rounds this same year and launch its first 5G smartphone by 2019

Huawei has presented at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona the first commercial terminal device that supports the 3GPP telecommunications standard for 5G. This device marks an actual milestone since, with it, Huawei sets the stage for the next generation of wireless connectivity. Besides, the Chinese company plans launch of its first 5G smartphone during […]

First ultra high speed Virgin Hyperloop route in India to be launched in Maharashtra

Virgin Group Founder and Virgin Hyperloop One Chairman Sir Richard Branson announced yesterday the historical agreement with the Government of Maharastra to develop first hyperloop route in India in the presence of the Hon’ble Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the Hon’ble Chief Minister of Maharashtra Devendra Fadnavis. Virgin Hyperloop One has developed the first transport […]

Chinese satellite Micius opens path for ultralong distance global quantum communications network

The Chinese quantum satellite Known as Micius (nicknamed after a chinese philosopher) proved successful to facilitating quantum-secured communications between two continents (Europe -Austria- and Asia -China-). The satellite created a secret key between both countries at points located some 7,600 km away from each other, enabling encrypted communications almost impossible to hack. Quantum communication uses […]