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SkyDrive and Suzuki plan the launch of first ever air taxi route serviced with flying cars in Japan at Osaka/Kansai Expo 2025

SkyDrive Inc. a Japanese company devoted to the development of flying cars and logistics drones with headquarters at Toyota City in Osaka Prefecture unveiled today plans during the to launch first ever air taxi service serviced with flying cars in Japan.

First experience and test of the service is going to take place during the OsakaExpo to be held in 2025, with a further development of the business and launch of the commercial service by 2026 in Osaka and other prefectures of Japan.
The announcement was made by SkyDrive during the “Movement in the Sky” event held today by the company.

The launch of the flying car taxi service will be possible thanks to the agreement between Suzuki Motor Corporation (headquartered at Hamamatsu city in Shizuoka Prefecture). This cooperation pact was announced yesterday.

Eyeing mass production and marketing as well as international expansion with India as the first overseas market

The cooperation agreement between Suzuki and SkyDrive aimed to realizing “social implementation of flying cars” includes the joint study of the following points:

a) Airframe development and research and development of elemental technologies.

b) Manufacturing / mass production system and planning.

c) Adding “flying cars” to Suzuki’s automobiles, motorcycles, and marine options within the company’s new mobility offer.

d) Development of overseas markets with India as the pioneering foreign market.

The agreement builds upon SkyDrive’s current development of a two-seater aircraft as a flying car aircraft manufacturer with the aim of utilizing the sky for daily movement.

SkyDrive’s vision is developing the world’s smallest compact and electric “flying car” similar to automobiles and Suzuki specializes preciselly in manufacturing and selling compact cars.

The first prototype of SkyDive’s flying car manufactured by Suzuki is planned to be presented during first test of the service at Osaka / Kansai Expo 2025.
First trial of a SkyDrive’s SD-03 one seat manned flying car prototipe has been already held with successin 2020, but the air taxi test at Osaka/Kansai Expo will be probably serviced with 2 seat and probably self driving or at least unmanned flying cars.
SkyDrive’s one seat manned flying car prototipe has been already presented at CES 2022 and was selected as best of CES 30 by Reuters.

What a flying car is?

There is no clear definition of what a flying car may be, but one image is “electric”, “autopilot”, and “vertical takeoff and landing”.
In other countries, flying cars are also called eVTOL (Electric Vertical Take-Off and Landing aircraft) or UAM (UrbanAir Mobility).
Currently there are several efforts to develop aircraft around the world as new mobility services.

The Government of Japan has plans for full scale development of this kind of mobility services by 2030s

As a new movement in the mobility field, the development of flying cars is progressing in various countries around the world, and in Japan, the “Public-Private Council for the Air Mobility Revolution” is held from 2018, aiming for full-scale spread of this kind of services by the 2030s.

A roadmap for the mentioned objective has been jointly establised in Japan by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industryand the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism.

Image over the headline.- First trial of SkyDrive’s SD-03 one seat manned flying car prototipe. Caption of the trial’s video (to watch the prototipe in action click on the link I provide below)

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