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UN ILO suspends cooperation with Russia till end of war in Ukraine

The International Labor Organisation (ILO) has decided today “to temporarily suspend technical cooperation or assistance from the ILO to the Russian Federation, except for the purpose of humanitarian assistance, until a ceasefire is agreed and a peaceful resolution is implemented”.

Besides and among other things ILO decided as well today “to suspend invitations to the Russian Federation to attend all discretionary meetings, such as technical meetings and meetings of experts, conferences and seminars whose composition is set by the Governing Body”.

ILO is the first UN body to veto representatives of the Russian Federation.

The aggression by the Russian federation against Ukraine is incompatible with ILO’s peaceful aims

This resolution is based upon ILO’s consideration that “…the continuing aggression by the Russian Federation, aided by the Belarusian Government, against Ukraine is grossly incompatible with the aims and purposes of the Organization and principles governing ILO membership”.

An also endorses “…the ILO Director General’s statement of 3 March 2022, in which he affirmed thatthe aggression by the Russian Federation against Ukraine is a brutal repudiation of the Organization’s mission to promote peace through social justice, and that among its first victims will be working people”.

With the International Court of Justice, ILO calls Russia cease aggression and withdraw troops from Ukraine

ILO welcomes in its resolution as well “…the legally binding provisional measures order by the International Court of Justice ordering the Russian Federation to immediately suspend the military operation that it commenced on 24 February 2022 in the territory of Ukraine”.

And the International Labor Organisation calls “…upon the Russian Federation to immediately and unconditionally cease its aggression, withdraw its troops from Ukraine, end the suffering it is inflicting on the people of Ukraine, as well as refrain from any further unlawful threat or use of force against any Member State and take the path of peaceful resolution consistent with the UN Charter and international law”.

China voted against, while Japan voted for

42 Governments voted for this esolution, 2 voted against (China and The Russian Federation) and there where 8 abstentions (from Brazil, Cameroun, India, Indonesia, Niger, Uganda and Pakistan).

Image over the headline.- 344th Session of the ILO Governing Body. Credit: M. Crozet /ILO.

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