Eastwind Magazines, not sending their newsletter any more

Many of our readers already know that Eastwind Magazines are now viralising all their contents through social networks. It’s time now to inform officially all our current followers and the new to come on this point and the reasons at the base of this decission.

We also provide here below the links to make it easy following all Eastwind Magazine’s contents (both the published on the magazine and the published just on our social networks) through the social networks we are present to date.

¿How to join our club of followers on Eastwind Magazines’ channels in social networks?

You can easily join us and follow both the contents published on our websites and especifically made for social networks on the following links:

A) Linkedin: All our contents are shared daily, one by one, by our Editor& CEO, Eva González, with her network members.

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B) Twitter: All our contents are  shared and viralised daily one by one through this network under the @jasperrosa nickname, the twitter nickname of our Editor&CEO, Eva González.

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C) Facebook: All our contents are  shared daily by our Editor & CEO Eva González Fernández on her wall and viralised one by one through this network.

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D) You Tube: There are many video contents specifically designed for our eastwindmagazine channel on You Tube and exclusively published on it. When there’s more information related to the videos published on Eastwind we provide the direct links to them.

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You can also follow our contents published on You Tube looking at the bottom of our websites where there is a room devoted to our latest videos.

E) Pinterest: ¿Interested in the latest ad creative works, tech developments, etc…? follow all or some of the boards we have opened on Pinterest. For the latest creative ad campaigns subscribe to our Creative II board. The boards as easy to follow and quick to read or watch.

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We provide short form information with photos, videos and external links to know more on the pin. You can find Eastwind magazines’ latest pins also at the bottom part of our websites in our dedicated space to Pinterest.

F) Instagram: Best Eastwind photos and videos specifically designed for this channel by our Editor and CEO under the evaeastind nickname.

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Specially interesting when covering events or news, as we publish live photos and videos in the same minute the facts are happening.


The reasons why Eastwind Magazines stopped sending their newsletters

Thera are a bunch of reasons, that have led us to stop the sendings:

A) Legal reasons:

Headquarters of the Spanish Authority on data protection, “Agencia Española de Protección de Datos”. © AEPD.

A.1.- The new EU and Spanish legal regulation on privacy comes with new obligations on security and need for paid experts leading to a rise in costs that Eastwind, being a small company despite our international projection can’t pay for.

A2.- Not complying with the security specifications to keep the data of our readers safe when sending the Eastwind Newsletters, not only would put the personal data of our readers at risk, but also could mean the need for paying millionaire legal fines in case any breach of security or any hacker attack might occur.

A3.- Not complying with the legal obligations on paid experts lead as well to the chance for the Spanish Authorities to fine with millionaire legal penalties any company.

A4.- Eastwind Magazines international projection put our small business out of the cases where rebates in security and need for external are applied by the AEAPD (The Spanish Authirity on Privacy Protection)  to small business. The  AEAPD is the Spanish Authority incharge of the application of the new legal regulation on privacy.

It is our policy to bet on quality through providing our readers and potential advertisers with a legal and secure platform able to fulfill their convenience and brand safety expectations.

Both our readers and potential advertisers enjoy the security of Amazon servers when surfing or posting any ad on Eastwind websites, Eastwind Magazines’ websites are certified secured platforms (https://), there’s no link inside Eastwind Magazines to any unsafe site and most important, no advertiser or reader will have any problem or experience any dammage derived from the lack of comply with the Law by Eastwind.

B) Reasons related to our reader’s convenience:

Eastwind has checked the plan on not sending the newsletter any more qith a small test group of our readers. In a 90% htey have told us that their e-mail inbox were so crowded that they even felt stressed even just checking the headlines. So they welcomed the fact that Eastwind Magazines were planning not stressing them with a daily newsletter by e-mail.

Further more, during the months that Eastwind magazines have been checking the impact of not sending our newsletters by mail we have enjoyed a rise in our audiences.

Stop email overtload. © Eastwind

It is our policy to bet on quality providing our readers and potential advertisers with a legal and secure platform able to fulfill their convenience and brand safety expectations, and it is a quality matter as well serving them our contents 100% at their convenience.

That’s why Eastwind Magazines are not sending their newsletters, but instead serving to our readers and viralising contents through social networks.