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The new advertising era.- Agencies willing to become consulting cos and vice-versa. Some thoughts beyond the Droga5 acquisition by Accenture

The acquisition of Droga5, previously announced last April 3rd has been completed today by Accenture. The Droga5 leadership team consisting of creative chairman David Droga, global CEO Sarah Thompson and UK CEO Bill Scott remain in their current roles and will guide the integration, along with the rest of the agency management team. Financial terms […]

30 April, 2019


Google will add new Policy Manager tool to Google Ads next April, but just for advertisers

Google recently announced the launch of a new tool to make it easier for advertisers to ensure their creatives are compliant with Google’s policies, the new Policy Manager in Google Ads. Similar to the already existing AdSense Policy Center the new tool will give tips on common policy mistakes to help well-meaning advertisers and make […]

26 March, 2019


Snapchat played the viral game and got knocked by Rihanna

Snapchat’s apology for running the mobile video-game ad  “Would You Rather,” has not been enough to make the app recover their share value. Rihanna didn’t accept the official apology by the social network yesterday and told her fans on an Instagram story to delete the app. The negative effect of the game slip on Snap […]

16 March, 2018


Misplacements on You Tube.- Is Google actually leaving the ball on the roof of media agencies and advertisers?

Following Google’s promise to work in order to find a solution for the misplacement problem the truth is that You Tube seems currently still not able or decided to solve the issue on its own. On 17th March we told our readers that Havas UK paused insertions in You Tube and Google Display Network by […]

4 April, 2017


The Guardian releases 6×9, its first ever 360º VR journalistic documentary

Meant to trigger public conversation around the situation of prisoners under solitary confinement in US penitentiary establishments, The Guardian’s “6×9” is in fact an innovative documentary, which uses game engine technology to create the first journalistic piece able to actually put the wiewer in the very shoes of the protagonist of the story. One 360º VR […]

28 April, 2016


The GRANDY went to Burger King

Thanks to the “McWhopper” campaign, Y&R New Zealand grabbed the top ANDY Award (The GRANDY) las 12th April in the 52nd annual International ANDY Awards gala, which was held in New York. The “pacifist” McWhopper event “contended” in the Corporate Responsibility category and its results show once more that today, more than ever, insigtful campaigns, advertising […]

13 April, 2016


The 3 reasons why 3 Group is making ad industry pay for not being blocked

CK Hutchinson Holdings announced today that its mobile carrier Three Group is deploying network-based ad-blocking. The holding informs that Three UK and Three Italy have successfully collaborated with Shine Technologies on implementing Shine’s ad blocker solution in their networks and unveils plans to expand the network-based adblocking to all other three Group operators currently operating […]

19 February, 2016


Facebook, under suspicion

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has finally come to a compromise with Facebook after several complaints from users, saying that this network did not respect their privacy, as their personal data were not protected. The FTC is a United States Agency well known by its decisions in the fields of advertising and marketing. This Agency […]

8 December, 2011


Look out!. The Big Brother keeps an eye on you

The Spanish Agency for the Protection of Personal Data (AEPD) has opened an infringement procedure against Google for the collection of personal data from Wi-Fi networks, while recording the images of the cities that  Google planned to include in its Street View service. The AEPD attributed to Google Spain and Google Inc. the commission of […]

20 October, 2010


The “Asiappeal”

Someone said, when the Bollycao Dokyo by Panrico was launched, some thre years ago, that this was the latest perversion of the Spanish ad creatives. I don’t know if this was a perversion or not. But what I can observe is that Asia is starting to gain a considerable appeal in Western countries, specially in […]

6 October, 2010

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