Snapchat played the viral game and got knocked by Rihanna

Snapchat’s apology for running the mobile video-game ad  “Would You Rather,” has not been enough to make the app recover their share value. Rihanna didn’t accept the official apology by the social network yesterday and told her fans on an Instagram story to delete the app.

The negative effect of the game slip on Snap shares still lasted today. Snap titles kept on losing value closing at $17.02.

Source of the data , Nasdaq.

Rihanna’s punch on Snapchat is the second one in a row by a celebrity that the app bears, but in the case of Rihanna, Snap earned the lesson they deserved:if you play just to be viral at all costs that same virality may be kill you.

I find that of the half sister of Kim Kardashian was not the same case as that of Rihanna’s game. Kylie Jenner just said she was not using Snapchat any more in a tweet published on 21st February 2018 at 10:50 and just one hour later she published another one loving the platform. There was no slip by the platform. It was just Jenner’s fault and she tried to fix the error, as some tweeters blamed her by the loss of the value of Snap shares on that same day.

In the case of the “Slap or Punch” game campaign the fans of Rihanna got offended and scandalised by the fact that the campaign mocked at Chris Brown attack on their loved singer.
That’s why, perhaps the loss of value lasts still today.

The ad game welcomed users to either “Slap Rihanna” or “Punch Chris Brown,” a reference to a 2009 incident when the two were dating that resulted in Brown being charged with felony assault.

Find here below the campaign and Rihanna’s tweet against the campaign.

Social media users catched the reference to the incident and the campaign soon got viral…but not with the direction that Snapchat would have desired.

People turned against the app and after Rihanna didn’t accept the official aplogy by Snapchat the thing went even worse, specially for the trade value of the company’s shares.

I will leave aside here considerations about the agravated risks that social networks drive for companies’ reputation and even their stock value, now in the hands of any “tweeting human being or bot”, more if the tweet or snap, or post comes from an influenzer or celebrity.

I’d rather thinking a bit on the fact that in the era of the tweeting and snapping crowds advertising keeps on being advertising no matter if the ad is a game or a snap.
And any commercial communication must add value to the company or brand that is investing their money in it. No matter if it is a mobile game,a snap, a post on facebook, one tweet, any ad communication must be part of a planned strategy aimed to add value in the long term.

The search of virality at all costs is not the right path to build a lasting brand with growing market value and lasting clients/users. Even more if the viral action lacks at all of the needed sense and sensibility to trigger the positive virality able to build the first step in a lasting relationship with the clients/users. A long term relationship able to drive profits for the brand behing the commercial communication action.

Image over the headline.-“Would You Rather” Snapchat campaign, the snap that got viral on Twitter.

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