FRAME, the smart glasses providing multimodal GAI NOA’s super powers in every moment of your ordinary live

Just some days ago they were launched FRAME, a pair of open source smart glasses able to bring all the advantages multimodal generative artificial intelligence into every moment you want or need it in your ordinary live.

FRAME smart glasses have been developped by Brilliant Labs, a startup headquartered in Singapore, co-founded by Bobak Tavangar (former Program Lead at Apple and co-founder of Infgraf).

Brilliant Labs is devoted to building an ecosystem of new computing experiences to catalyze the development of the emerging web for all of us .

Bobak Tavangar (CEO, Brilliant Labs) wearing FRAME smart glasses.

Brilliant Labs defines the new open web as characterized by collaboration, openness, and ownership instead of the current web, which is fragmented into walled gardens and forces each one of us to live fragmented digital lives as a result.

On the contrary, the defining features of the current modern web, obsessive ecosystem control, feudal ownership of data, winner-take-all business models, and arbitrary treatment of stakeholders have started to poison the waters of human possibility says the startup. That’s why Brilliant Labs’ choice is open source.

FRAME is a device that will help bring GAI (Generative Artificial Intelligence) to every moment and need in our ordinary live. And will do it in the most fashionable way. At least this is the vision of Tavangar.

Image over the headline.- FRAME multimodal GAI powered smart glasses. Caption taken by Eastwind from the launch video published by Brilliant Labs on You Tube.

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