Yannick Bolloré avatar Year ogf the Dragon greetings talking in Chinese

Vivendi’s Yannick Bolloré celebrates the Year of the Dragon with a perfect Chinese accent thanks to AI

Havas and Vivendi Group shared throug X (former Twitter) this morning a Chinese New Year congratulations video celebrating the return behhind the Great Wall in 2023 and new Year of the Dragon 2024 with Chinese partners and friends.

On the video Yannick Bollore (Chairman &CEO of Havas and Chairman of the French Group Vivendi) sends his ‘season greetings’ speaking in Chinese with a perfect accent.
Or perhaps he actually doesn’t?

At the end of the greeting Bolloré unveils the secret of his perfect Chinese accent. The speaking image was in fact an avatar powered with AI who is able to say in a perfect Chinese what Havas Chairman &CEO asked it to say using his perfect French mother language.

Once more Havas shows, instead of just telling about their hability to us cutting edge tech delivering a great outcome.
I must say that the avatar was so realistic that I really thought that Yannick Bolloré had actually improved his Chinese.

Image over the headline.- Yannick Bolloré realistic avatar talking in a perfect Chinese. Caption from the video shared by Havas on X.

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