The GRANDY went to Burger King

Thanks to the “McWhopper” campaign, Y&R New Zealand grabbed the top ANDY Award (The GRANDY) las 12th April in the 52nd annual International ANDY Awards gala, which was held in New York.

The “pacifist” McWhopper event “contended” in the Corporate Responsibility category and its results show once more that today, more than ever, insigtful campaigns, advertising with “message” are needed if brands want to actually connect with people.

Y&R was also presented with the the Richard T. O’Reilly recognition for Outstanding Public Service, which was awarded to the “Melanoma Likes Me” campaign by GPY&R Brisbane for Melanoma Patients Australia.

The ANDYs. © The Advertising Club of New York.
The ANDYs. © The Advertising Club of New York.

This is the first time in a row that the same network takes home both ANDY awards. Both campaigns also scored gold in their respective categories.
Y&R also won a silver ANDY, which went to Y&R Malaysia for “Cut a Tree. Kill a Life.”

“This cements Y&R as the number one creative force in Australia New Zealand and is rooted in the way we are organized as a Global Boutique.  Strong local offices resonate globally and tonight is living proof of that,” David Sable (Global CEO of Y&R) underscored.

The King took the “unbrand” proposal

When McDonald’s rejected the cease-fire in the “burger price wars,” people around the world spontaneusly began creating their own DIY McWhoppers, posting videos and sharing pictures of their creations on social media. One of the fans even recorded a rap song.

Following this movement, Burger King partnered with Denny’s, Wayback Burgers, Krystal, and Giraffas to give away 1,500 “peace day burgers” at a pop-up restaurant in Atlanta on Peace Day.

The GRANDY winning McWhopper campaign by Y&R New Zealand launched in late-August 2015 with a print ad in three major U.S. newspapers, live events, PR and lots of shareable content.

And reached the highest brand awareness

The action became one of the biggest viral ideas in the world, with nearly 8Bn media impressions, $144 million in earned media and a 40% increase in awareness of Peace Day. The mashup burger was conceived to raise money to benefit Peace One Day, a non-profit organization campaigning to raise awareness of Peace Day, a United Nations recognized day celebrated on Sept. 21st.

The McWhopper proposal, by Y&R New Zealand for Burger King. © Y&R /Burger king
The McWhopper proposal, by Y&R New Zealand for Burger King. © Y&R /Burger king

The Advertising Club of NY, the organizer of this recognition event said on the winner campaign: “this year, the ANDY Awards’ best creative idea, The GRANDY, has been given to the agency that defines what it means to be a bold leader and a true risk-taker”.

David Sable (Global CEO of Y&R) said on the honor: “This was a labor of love on both sides, Burger King showed so much passion for the idea, such great belief in us and proved the best partner possible. They helped bring the McWhopper forward every step of the way and understood how true to their brand this was. Their audaciousness paid off.”

Y&R “earned” the Richard T. O’Reilly too

GPY&R Brisbane was awarded the Richard T. O’Reilly Award for its “Melanoma Likes Me” campaign for Melanoma Patients Australia, a nonprofit that provides information, support, awareness and advocacy to Australians affected by melanoma. People, identified through hashtags and geo-location as they posted on Instagram, were instantly liked and commented by “Melanoma.”

Tony Granger, Global Chief Creative Officer of Y&R, states: “We are simply ecstatic. We are so proud of winning the two top awards.  Both ideas are terrific proof that brave clients get the work they deserve.  I want to especially call out Fernando Machado, Burger King’s SVP of Global Brand Management, who championed the McWhopper idea from the second we presented it to him, and it simply would not have happened without him.  And we are so proud of Josh Moore and Ben Coulsonfor the passion and perseverance to create such powerful work.”

On the video.- Melanoma Likes Me. The campaign also was awarded with a gold lion at Cannes Lions 2015. Any problem watching the video?, just click here

Despite Y&R took the two top ANDYs home, the agency who earned the most was, for the 7th year in a row, Leo Burnett. The network cropped a total of nine gold, five silver and two bronze ANDYs awarded to a range of creative works by the Buenos Aires, Chicago, Frankfurt, Istanbul, Jakarta, Madrid, Paris, Sao Paulo, Sydney and Toronto offices.

Leaving aside that the GRANDY comes with a $50,000 cash prize and that the public service award for the best PSA of the year brings with  a $10,000 donation to the charity the winning work was created to promote, it is worth reminding that the ANDY Award show has been held by the Advertising Club of New York every year since 1964 and is one of the most sought-after awards for creative excellence in advertising.

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