Air China to launch Bejing-Johannesburg non stop route

Air China has announced that the air carrier will start off Beijing-Johannesburg nonstop service on October 29th, 2015.
This route will be the first air link offered by a Chinese airline between Mainland China and South Africa and also Air China’s first service to and from Africa ever since the company shut down the service established between the Asian country and this continent in the 1970’s.
Air China has also annunced a second route to Africa to be opened before the end of 2015. The rout will link Beijing and Addis Ababa.

South Africa accounts for about one third of Africa’s GDP. It is also China’s biggest trading partner in that continent.
About 1.2 million Chinese live in South Africa.
The latest statistics from Chinese customs say that in 2014, the China-Africa import and export volume amounted to $221.88Bn, hitting an all-time high, up 5.5% over the previous year.

Boeing 777-300ER serviced routes

The flights CA867/8 Beijing-Johannesburg are to be operated on Tuesday/Thursday/Sunday (outbound) and on Monday/Wednesday/Friday (inbound). The outbound flight departs from Beijing at 23:15 Beijing time, and arrives inJohannesburg at 7:35 local time on the following day. The inbound flight departs from Johannesburg at 11:50 local time and arrives in Beijing at 7:30 Beijing time. The flights are to be operated with Boeing 777-300ER

First Class and Business Class are outfitted with full-flat seats and a central bar. All classes of service offer personal AVOD, power outlets, accessible toilets for the disabled and a mood lighting system which can mimic the sunrise to sunset.

Quick international expansion in 2015

Both routes to Africa are part of Air China’s endeavor to build its global route network with its hub in Beijing, and make it easier for travelers from countries like China, Japan, South Korea and Singapore travelling to and from South Africa and Africa as a whole.

In addition to the above two new routes to Africa, Air China also has started this same year the Chengdu-Colombo service in February, the Hangzhou-Osaka service in March, the Tianjin-Dalian-Sapporo service in April, the Beijing-Minsk-Budapest line in May, the Beijing-Melbourne nonstop service in June and the Beijing-Hakodate service in July.

This international expansion of Air China’s routes has made of this company the only Chinese carrier that links the five continents.

Image above the headline.- Air China logo. © Air China.

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