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Boris Johnson weathers the no confidence motion but 32% of conservative voters think he should have been “fired”

Boris Johnson has managed to weather the no confidence motion, despite a 41% of the MPs pf the Conservative Group have made clear that Johnson has lost their confidence.
211 Conservative MPs voted that Boris Johnson keeps the confidence of the Conservative Party’s Group at the UK Parliament while 148 MPs voted the Prime Minister does not have the confidence of the Group.

Johnshon said afther the voting was over that the result is positive because now the Government can focus on doing their job: “We need to come together as a party and focus on what this government is doing to help people with the cost of living, to clear the COVID backlogs and to make our streets safer.
We will continue to unite, level up and strengthen our economy.”

The leader of the Labour Party said on the result of the no confidence vote: “Divided Tories propping up Boris Johnson with no plan to tackle the issues you are facing.
Or a united Labour Party with a plan to fix the cost of living crisis and restore trust in politics.
Labour will get Britain back on track.”

Boris JohnsonKeir Starner_House of Commons_12_01_2022_parties scandal_RRSS
Sir Keir Starner (MP and Leader of the UK Labour Party today at the House of Commons. Caption of the video of the session provided to Eastwind by the same House of Commons for publishing.

The scandal of the parties in Downing Street while the confinement measures were in force to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 has not finally cost Johnson the position, at least for now. But the scandal is not the only reason why Johnson has lost so much support among the Tories and the general public
It is true that a new no confidence motion can’t be raised in the term of one year from today but investigation works are still going on, both by the police and by the parliamentary commission created for this purpose.

The Prime Minister still has two years and a half of mandate till the next general election takes place, and he must comply with his duty with a divided Tory Group at the Parliament.

Besides, the Conservative Party may consider he is not the right candidate for the general elections if Johnson does not manage to recover the confidence both of Tory voters and of Britons in general.

A hard work as many Britons, and many Tory supporters consider Boris Johnson has lied on his participation at that COVID-19 parties.

Johnson has lost the confidence of 32% of Tory supporters and of 60% of Britons

And more important, Johnson has lost the confidence of a 32% of Tory voters. This shows the latest snap poll carried out by YouGov.
The outcomes of the poll show that a 32% of Tory voters think that Conservative party’s MPs should vote to remove Boris Johnson as party leader and prime minister against a 59% of the UK citizens who backed the Torys in the latest general elections think Johnson should remain as the head of the Pary and Prime Minister of the country.

YouGov snap poll shows as well that the share of Britons willing to “fire” Johnson goes up to the 60%. A 87% of Wig supporters think Boris Johnson should be removed by Tory MPs.

UK Conservative Government retains the confidence of Tory voters but not of thegeneral public in Britain

Going further in this analysis, only 26% of UK citizens say they think the Government has the right ideas and policies to deal with the cost of living. The percenteage includes that 7% who say they definitely do have the right ideas and policies.
The government retains the confidence of its own supporters, as 58% of Conservative voters say they think the Government has the right plans to solve the problem. However, a sizeable proportion (35%) of Tory voters doubt that the current Government has what it takes.

May be the party is not over for Johnson, but he is not dancing so happily the two years and a half he has still at Downing Street.

Image over the headline.- Boris Johnson (Prime Minsiter of the UK). Caption from the video where he makes an estatement after winning the no confidence motion. To watch the videoclick on the link I provide below.

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