Brexit.- Corbyn confirms plans to put down a motion of confidence in Boris Johnson

The leader of the Labor Party eyes to be supported as new interin PM and then call early general elections

eastwindadm London (UK), 15 August, 2019

“I’ve written to the leaders of other political parties and senior backbenchers from accross Parliament to lay out my plan to stop a disastrous No Deal Brexit and let the people decide the future of our country”. This said Jeremy Corbyn, The leader of the Labour Party, in a tweet published scarcely 10 minutes ago this same morning on his official profile on Twitter.

According to the BBC, Corbyn’s plan consists of putting down a motion of confidence in Boris Johnson, then getting named interin Prime Minister and from this position call for anticipated general elections.

The motion of confidence has an actual opportunity to prosper and thereby avoid an EU-UK “divorce” without no agreement.

If the Labor leader manages to bring together the 100% of the laborist Members of the British House of Commons (262) and add the support of the Deputies of the Scottish National Party (35), Liberal Democratic Party (12), the Irish Democratic Unionist Party -DUP- (10), the Plaid Cymru -Party of Wales- (4), England and Wales Green Party (1) and the Independents (1), there wil be 325 votes in favor of the motion of confidence in Boris Johnson, against the 318 that the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom supporting him. This assuming that the Conservative Party will maintain a strong voting discipline in favor of its leader.

The House of Commons has voted once and another against May’s withdrawal agreement but also against a no deal Brexit. May agreed taht the United Kingdom would not exit from the European Union in any case without an agreement. And this position against a no deal Brexit is supported not only by the MEPs belonging to the Labor Party, but by a good part of the Members of the House of Commons from the Conservative Party. This is one of the arguments at the basement of Corbyn’s moves against a PM decided to carry on the exit with no agreement.

Image over the headline.- Jeremy Corbyn (Leader of the British Labor Party) during his reply to Boris Johnson (Prime Minister of the United Kingdom) in the House of Commons on July 25th, 2019. On the right, Jonson listens to Corbyn. Video capture © House of Commons of the United Kingdom.

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