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Emmanuel Macron proposes a new European organisation for cooperation with no need for EU membership

Emmanuel Macron (President of France holding the rotative Presidency of the EU Council) proposed the establishment of a new European organisation open to all democratic European countries, not only those who are not members of the European Union and different from the European Union.

It will take decades till Ukraine and other countries in Western Balkans to comply with the standards needed to join the EU, but stability in Europe can’t wait. Because “given its level of integration and ambition, the European Union cannot in the short term be the only way in which the European Continent can be structured.”
This said Macron at the closing session of the Conference on the Future of Europe and Day of Europe celebration held today at the European Parliament.

Last 16th March the President of Ukraine, Volodimyr Zelensky, launched the U-24 proposal before the Congress of the USA. The U-24 would be an worldwide union of responsible states that have the strength and conscience to stop conflicts. Immediately providing all necessary assistance in 24 hours.

Because standards and values must be kept as needed for joining the EU

“To conclude, let me back to context, I mean the war on Ukraine and their legitimate aspirations to join the European Union as well as on Moldova and Georgia that also want to join the European Union. We are after to rethink our geography and the organisation of our continent. And here I want to say that Ukraine because of the struggle, because of its baggage is already a member of Europe, a member of our family, of our Union. But even if we give it the status of candidate country tomorrow, I hope looking towards an accession rapidly, but even if we do that, we all know too well that the process for accession will take several years, in fact, it will take several decades, and that is the truth.

Unless we decide to lower the standards for accession and rethink the unity about Europe and also partially the principles that we hold.
Let’s be clear here. The European Union, given its level of integration and ambition, cannot in the short term be the only way in which the European Continent can be structured.

There are several countries, for example in the Western Balkans, that are engaged in the accession process and norm needs to continue, their vacation is clear,” the President of France and of the Council of the EU explained.

Because stability in Europe can’t wait

“But we obviously also need, given the of the political context, to find a way to see a Europe, to ensure it is unified and stable without making the intimacy within the European Union more farther.

We have an historic duty here, not to do things the way we have always done, and to say any response to accession all we need to do is open up an historic process of reflection, given the events they are currently taking place, on the construction of our continent. A family is one of common values is been abandoned by Russia. We have been shaken by the tires of history.

In 1999 President François Miterrand said when the Soviet Union pushed falling appart that he wnted to see a confederation of European States. This propposed idea that included Russia in this confederation was rapidly seen as unacceptable for States who had just to scape the Soviet Block. But it raised an interesting question, which remains, how should be organised Europe in a political manner and how we can go further with the European Union. And it is our historical obligation now to respond to that question,” Macron said.

A new European organisation for a democratic and unified Europe

“I think we are here today qualified. What we are talking about, an European Political Community. This new European organisation would enable democratic European nations who are here to our values to find a new space for political cooperation,for security, for energy cooperation, transport cooperation, to invest in infrastructure, where people could circulate, particularly, young people.

Joining wouldn’t mean you couldn’t in the future join in the European Union. And it also wouldn’t be limited to those who are left by the European Union. Let’s bring Europe together on the basis of its geography, on the basis of democratic values, with the desire to preserve the unity of our continent. And we want to also preserve the strenth and ambition of our integration. So this is a propposal to respond to Europe’s propposal. This is a propposal I want to make today maturing in the coming weeks and months. Our consult and work with all States and Governments, who are interested in this project, to try on fullfill it. Because I think this is important for the future of the stability of our continent,” Emmanuel Macron explained.

Towards a diverse but united and democratic Europe

“Ladies and gentlemen, a year ago I said that my hope was this conference would see the return of great dreams and great ambitions and you also wanted that to happen. And toghether is what we are going to do. That is Europe. Europe is crazy dreams, unprecedented ambition, and then, the collective ability to build compromises, which sometimes are in the balls and in other language of Europe, constant translation. We need to act in a strong manner, move fast and dream big. This words that eigentlich belong to United States, let’s make words go around as maintain the spirit that wouldn’t exist without the unit nature of Europe. Our Europe is an unicque continent.

Major celebrations are carried out, but everyone speaking our own language and having our say interpreted and we also have an universe that is music, our own anthems, that we started here in Strasbourg, I think closes a Strasbourg dessire to an united democratic and ambitious Europe. We need to be faithful to our idea, all of us together if it counts on me,” the President of France ended.

Image over the headline.- Emmanuel Macron (President of France and holding the rotative Presidency of the EU Council) during his speech at the closing ceremony of the Conference on the Future of Europe today. The image is a caption from the video published by the Ministère de l’Europe et des Affaires étrangères’ channel on You Tube. To watch Macron’s speech, click on the link I provide at the end of this post.

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