Google faces IBM quantum computing leadership with Bristlecone processor

So far, no other quantum processor could compare with that developped by IBM, the leader in this field

Eva González , 6 March, 2018

IBM is not the only tech giant working in the race to quantum computing. Google has presented this monday Bristlecone, our new quantum processor, at the annual American Physical Society meeting in Los Angeles.

So far, no other quantum processor could compare with that developped by IBM, the leader in this field.

Quantum computers would let achieving same or even better results than supercomputers with less energy thus with greater efficiency.

Quantum computers could perform calculations that are impossible for conventional supercomputers, opening a whole world to develop new materials, services and opening the door to a new era for artificial intelligence, IOT (Internet of things)and telecommunications.

Towards the 0,5% error rate

Google says that Bristlecone may make Google to become the first in getting get 49 qubits.

The problem is that quantum processors usually fail, so one must consider the error rates.

A Bristlecone chip being installed by Research Scientist Marissa Giustina at the Quantum AI Lab in Santa Barbara. © Google.

Till now, Google had achieved a 0.6% error rate with two qubit gates. To achieve quantum supremacy, Google says they are needed 49 qubits with an error rate reduced to the 0.5% and two qubit gates.

2D conceptual chart showing the relationship between error rate and number of qubits. The intended research direction of the Quantum AI Lab is shown in red, where we hope to access near-term applications on the road to building an error corrected quantum computer. © Google.

“We are cautiously optimistic that quantum supremacy can be achieved with Bristlecone, and feel that learning to build and operate devices at this level of performance is an exciting challenge! We look forward to sharing the results and allowing collaborators to run experiments in the future.” points Julian Kelly, Research Scientist, at Quantum AI Lab.

Once achieved the quantum supremacy starts off the scalability stage.

Image over the headline.- Google’s Bristlecone quantum processor.© Google.

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