Personal shopper online service Lookiero, to enter UK market offers personal shopper online advice for women in the fashion products field.

For more than two years, the company is operationg with such success that it has grown to expand from Spain, the country where it has been established, to France and, in a few months, will also operate in the United Kingdom.

In the words of Maria Uranga, Head of Personal Shoppers of Lookiero: “In this time we have discovered a lot and our consumers too: they have discovered new trends, new aspects of their personality or clothes, fabrics and colors that favor them and before, maybe they did not know this.”

How does the service work?

The online service works in three easy steps: 1)The user must create a profile talking about her preferences; 2) Ask for a Lookiero and the service will select five products specially tailored to the user’s profile; 3) The user receives a box with the five products inside, choose just what she likes and just pays for what she has chosen.

Image over the headline.-  © Lookiero.

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