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Russia, to create up to 12 special units to deffend its western border as Sweden and Finland appplied to join NATO

The official apply by Sweden and Findland to become NATO members last Tuesday has made The Russian Federation not only take the decission to withdraw from the Council of Baltic Sea States, but has also triggered Russian plans to escalate military deployments along its western border.

The Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation, General Sergei Shoigu, informed today that The Russian federation is “actively improving the combat composition of the troops. By the end of the year, 12 military units and divisions will be formed in the Western Military District.”

This decission has been taken because Sweden and Finland have formally applied this same week to join NATO, but also because “the situation in the Western strategic direction is characterized by the growth of military threats near the Russian borders.

Over the past eight years, the intensity of US strategic bomber flights in Europe has increased 15 times (from 3 to 45 per year).
The visits to the Baltic Sea by American ships with guided missiles have become systematic. Only this year, near the Kaliningrad region, they carried out tasks six times with access to the proposed areas for launching cruise missiles. Since 2016, 24 such events have been uncovered by the objective control system.

At the same time, the United States and NATO are increasing the scale of operational and combat training near our borders. Currently, a series of exercises “Defender of Europe” is being conducted with the participation of up to 40 thousand military personnel from 30 countries of the bloc. The main feature of the maneuvers is the transfer of a full-fledged division from the United States to the European continent, as well as the deployment of a group of troops in three strategic directions: the Arctic, Western and Southwestern.
In addition, our closest neighbors, Finland and Sweden, have applied for membership in NATO.or the following facts: ” , Shoigu explained.

Along with the creation of the new 12 military units to deffend the western border of Russia, the General Sergei Shoigu informed as well on plans to provide the Russian army with modern weapons, drones included. “The ongoing organizational measures are synchronized with the supply of modern weapons and military equipment to the troops. This year it is planned to receive more than two thousand units of such samples”, Shoigu added during his speech before the Board of the Russian Ministry of Defense this morning.

The course of the war in Ukraine with The President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin stubbornly decided to control the Eastern region of its neigbouring country is changing the strategical and influence map in Europe pushing forward not only new defense alliances but also an escalarion on military spend and tensions in both sides of Russian-European borders,specially now that the Russian Federation troops have taken control of Mariupol.

Image over the headline.- Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation, General Sergei Shoigu. caption from the video you can watch on the link enclosed below.

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