SEAT and Telefonica join hands in the connected and self driving vehicles field

SEAT President Luca de Meo and Telefónica España President Luis Miguel Gilpérez today have signed an agreement that aims to promote a joint effort to develop innovative initiatives in the automotive industry. Specillay in the fields of the connected and self driving vehicles, as well as that for the urban mobility.

The agreement reached, which makes of Telefónica a strategic IT supplier for SEAT, is set within the framework of SEAT’s strategy to position itself as a benchmark company in connected, digitised mobility solutions.

This is the 2nd agreement of this kind signed by the automotive company this same month. On 2nd November the multinational had inked another one with Champion Motors Ltd., the brand’s importer in Israel. this is aimed to establish XPLORA, a transversal team of specialists focussed on technological innovation projects pointing to develop the connected car and smart mobility services. The goal of the initiative is to encouraging relations with local mobility-related startups and players and identifying innovative projects that could lead to future solutions and business models for the brand.

The contract signed between Telefónica and SEAT is aimed to establish a collaboration in three major areas of work: the shared use of insights (information extracted from anonymised aggregate data) to design optimised approaches to solutions for mobility; the application of 5G connectivity in the connected car and developing digital transformation projects as an integral part of the car manufacturing process.

5G tech for the connected car ecosystem

Seat and Telefónica will work to develop and implant new technologies for 5G networks in the connected and autonomous car ecosystem. The rollout of Telefónica’s fifth generation networks is going to offer a qualitative leap in the capacity, quality, latency periods and speed of telecommunications, which will enable the creation of new experiences and use cases of the connected vehicle.

SEAT President Luca de Meo (right) and Telefónica de España President Luis Miguel Gilpérez (left). © SEAT.

Under this framework, both companies will work in different innovation sessions and idea workshops with the aim of proposing and assessing applications for this technology in vehicles. The proposals that are identified as offering added value will be put through pilot tests in real-life settings, specific areas where Telefónica has deployed these new capabilities.

Blockchain for the chain

The cooperation between both companies will focuss as well on the development and implementation of Industry 4.0 initiatives in the vehicle manufacturing process.

In the mentioned field Telefónica and SEAT are collaborating on a proof of concept based on Blockchain technology to improve the tracking of parts within the supply chain at the Martorell factory. In addition, solutions and systems based on IoT (the Internet of Things) with the purpose of enhancing and streamlining procurement management and supplier relations.

Big data for new mobility solutions

The agreement also provides for the implementation of tools and joint mechanisms that facilitate data collection, management and analysis, all while respecting the principles of privacy, confidentiality and transparency of user-owners.
In addition, both companies will work together to explore the benefits of Big Data and the shared use of data in designing new mobility proposals. In this sense optimised mobility solutions will be developed for cities and urban areas that implement smarter traffic and parking management or other related services.

Communication technologies turning the automotive business up-down

“With this agreement, SEAT consolidates itself as a benchmark in the sector’s digitalisation. Joining forces with Telefónica as a strategic partner enables us to take a major step forward in our commitment to offering mobility solutions that make lives easier for the drivers of our vehicles” assured SEAT President Luca de Meo, who added that “this collaboration will also enable us to use technology to develop projects that enhance our production processes and relationships with suppliers”.

Luca de Meo (SEAT President) -right- and Professor Itzhak Swary (Chairman of the Board of Directors of Champion Motors)-left-. © SEAT.

According to Telefónica de España President Luis Miguel Gilpérez, “new technologies are truly going to trigger a revolution in the automotive sector, and at Telefónica we want to be the leading partner in helping SEAT spearhead this new phase. How Big Data and Blockchains will influence the sector, or how decisive 5G will be for the future of the autonomous and connected car are a few of the innovations that Telefónica and SEAT are going to work on together”

Image over the headline.- SEAT President Luca de Meo(left) and Telefónica de España President Luis Miguel Gilpérez (right). © SEAT.



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