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“The China-Russia comprehensive strategic partnership is based on non-targeting of third countries”, says PRC’s Councilor Wang-Yi

Anthony Blinken warned Wang Yi (State Councilor of the PRC) during their meeting held on 18th February 2023 in Munich, about the implications and consequences if China provides material support to Russia or assistance with systemic sanctions evasion.

Further, the Secretary of State of the USA referred to the US concerns on the fact that China might provide any lethal support to Russia on Putin’s invasion war in Ukraine during an interview with Chuck Todd of NBC held in Munich (Germany): “…what we’ve seen in, over the past years, is, of course, some political and rhetorical support, even some non-lethal support, but we are very concerned that China’s considering providing lethal support to Russia in its aggression against Ukraine. And I made clear that that would have serious consequences in our relationship as well, something President Biden has shared directly with President Xi on several occasions.”

Blinken Munich Security Conference_feb 2023_colgar
Antony Blinken (Secretary of State, United States of America) and Annalena Baerbock (Minister of Foreign Affairs, Germany) at the Munich Security Conference (February 2023). Source: MSC / Kuhlmann. Images are free for journalistic use with appropriate photo credit

Wang-Yi (People’s Republic of China Director of the CCP Central Foreign Affairs Office) and Tony Blinken (Secretary of State of the United States Of America) met on the sidelines the Munich Security Conference on February 18, 2023.

We do not accept the US’s finger-pointing or even coercion targeting China-Russia relations

Following the information provided by PRC’s Foreign Affairs Ministry on 19th February, Wang-Yi answered to the warning issued by Blinken: “Wang Yi stressed that on the Ukraine issue, China stands by principles. China is committed to promoting peace talks and has played a constructive role. The China-Russia comprehensive strategic partnership of coordination is built on the basis of non-alliance, non-confrontation and non-targeting of third countries, which is within the sovereign right of any two independent states. We do not accept the US’s finger-pointing or even coercion targeting China-Russia relations. The US, as a major country, has every reason to work for a political settlement of the crisis instead of fanning the flames or profiting from it.”

Perhaps, China is not sending or selling weapons to Russia but may be Chinese companies are helping Russia to avoid international sanctions on Russian products international transporta and trade.

Wang Yi Security Conference Munich_17_19_02_2023_usar
Wang Yi (People’s Republic of China Director of the CCP Central Foreign Affairs Office) at the Munich Security Conference -feb. 2023-. Photo, PRC Embassy in the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

At least this is the conclussion issued by Lloyd’s List Intelligence studying tanker movements from Russian Black Sea ports. The reporta underscores that a new offshore logistics network is evolving to transport Russian oil and circumvent the restrictions of sanctions and expensive insurance.

Lloyd’s List noted a significant increase in ship-to-ship (STS) transfer activity around anchorages in Greece, Malta and Gibraltar, reminiscent of the ‘STS hubs’ that emerged three years ago, in the United Arab Emirates, Oman and Malaysia, in response to the US sanctioning Venezuelan and Iranian oil.
Further, many international media have reported on Russian ships to Chinese ships transfers of Russian oil in international sea waters at the straits of Gibraltar.

Wang Yi assured to me that China will not send weapons to Russia but he EU will stay vigilant, Borrell points

Borrell_Wang Yi_2022-09-22
Josep Borrell (EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs) and Wang Yi (People’s Republic of China Director of the CCP Central Foreign Affairs Office) in September 2022. Image, PRC MOFA.

This morning Josep Borrell (EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs) said on this issue at his arrival to the Foreign Affairs Council being held today: “I had a long conversation, me too, with the Chinese State Counsellor Wang-Yi – the former Minister for Foreign Affairs [of China], which has now been nominated, let’s say, responsible of the Central Committee of the Communist Party for foreign relations. I had a conversation with him, and I expressed our strong concern about China providing arms to Russia and asked him not to do that and expressing not only our concern but the fact that for us, it would be a red line in our relationship.
He told me that they are not going to do it, that they do not plan to do it, but we will remain vigilant.”

Image over the headline.- Antoni Blinken (Secretary of State of the USA) talks with Wang Yi (PRC’s Director of the CCP Central Foreign Affairs Office) at the Compound Mission of the PRC before the UN on 24 September 2022. Photo, PRC MOFA.

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