Trump resumes cold war speech against the Cuban regime

Trump not only has celebrated the passing away of Fidel Castro, “Fidel Castro is dead!”, he tweeted on 26th November. The elected President of the United States of America also broadcasted an official communication calling Fidel castro “brutal dictator”, labelling the regime headed by Raul Castro as totalitarian and saying that the US administration “will do all it can to ensure the Cuban people can finally begin their journey toward prosperity and liberty”.

Media have compared Trump’s words with the official statement published by Barack Obama, still current President of the USA. But I find more interesting comparing Trump’s speech with that of the Presidents of the United States that were similar to his.

To find some declarations more or less in the Trump way, one need to go back to the 60’s when Cold War was in full fling.

The official position of Obama has nonthing to do with Trump’s insults against Fidel Castro and the Cuban regime. Those by Trump were in some way similar to those of John F. Kennedy, who once referred to Fidel Castro saying “Castro and his gang”.

While in the 60’s the fear of Cuba, its alliance with Russia and the Russian missiles placed in the Caribbean island where justified, now the context is quite different.
Under the lead of Raul Castro and the consent of Fidel Castro the country is starting off the path towards the controlled introduction of a market economy able to improve life conditions for the island dwellers. And this transition is precisely being favored by Raul Castro surely against the renuence of some factions of the Cuban communist party.

The approach leading to Cuba’s opening, quite opposite from Trump’s

Far more diplomatic, Obama leaves the judgement of Castro’s bahviour to History: History will record and judge the enormous impact of this singular fiigure on the people and world around him”.

Obama’s communication underscores the deep connections between Cuba and the USA through the families of those cubans living in the USA. He also looks at the way ahead better than to the past.

The exiting President of the United States show enpathy for the family of Fidel Castro and says “we extend a hand of friendship to the Cuban people”.

Nothing to do with dividing comunist and not comunist cubans and nothing to do with paternalism, nothing to do with personal insults. Just the opposite of Trump’s speech.

Image over the headline.- Donald Trump (elected as 45º President of the USA). Image from the official channel for his campaign in Facebook.

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