C-Researcher 3, first transparent deep water submergible in the world

Deep water manned submergible with the only spherical acrylic pressure hull able to reach the 1,700 meters under the sea up to date

Eva González Breda (The Nederlands), 27 August, 2015

U-Boat Worx (UBW)  today announced the launch of the C-Researcher 3, world’s first transparent 3-person submergible capable of diving to 1,700 meters (5,577 feet), which can be manufactured at a reasoneble price.

The C-Researcher 3 has been conceived in principle to carry out researh works in the Oceans. As we have said, it allows humans do these works in deep waters at 1700 meters (557 feet) directly on the field, instead of through unmanned submarines with the subsequent loss of efficiency.

It is the first time that a spherical acrylic pressure hull is applied to reach these depths. Bert Houtman, Founder of UBW comments: “Those lucky few diving our C-Researcher will be rewarded with stunning panoramic views of a rich and diverse underwater scenery that has been hidden from mankind since the existence of our oceans”.

U-Boat_C3_Researcher_ in action_1000pix

Image.- The C-Researcher 3 in action. Caption from a video © U-Boat Worx. To watch it, click here

Advances in design software and materials have allowed UBW to achieve compact dimensions and a limited weight. Unlike traditional research submarines that are restricted to operate from large dedicated mother vessels, the C-Researcher 3 can be operated from a wide range of vessels including superyachts. The C-Researcher 3 can also be transported in a shipping container to minimize mobilization time and cost.

An extensive list of optional tools can be mounted so that scientists can collect bottom samples and marine organisms, measure water conditions, create 2D/3D underwater maps and analyze the seabed.

Safety of the submersible and its occupants is guaranteed by numerous safety features and redundant systems. Additionally, the independent classification authority DNV-GL oversees the design, construction and trials of each individual submersible.

Image over the headline.- The U-Boat C-Researcher 3. © U-Boat Worx.