Militar ucraniano muestra un dron adquirido gracias a la fundación dronesforukraine

Ukraine’s Verkhovna rada approves tax exemptions to stimulate the manufacture and repair of drones inside the country

Ruslan Stefanchuk (President of Ukraine’s Vekhovna Rada -Parliament of Ukraine-) announced that the Parliemant had approved the exemption from payment of taxes and import duties on components (materials, units, assemblies, equipment and components) imported by Ukrainian companies into the country for its own drone production, manufacturing and repair activities during the period in which martial law is in force.

But this is not the only measure aimed at stimulating national production and investment in the Ukraine during the war and already eyeing the after war reconstruction period.

The Ukrainian Parliament proposed the creation of mechanisms to stimulate export activities, in particular, providing legal grounds for the country’s export credit agency to insure investments by Ukrainian companies against military dammage risks in Ukraine.

On May 25th 2023, the Council of the European Union extended the suspension of all customs tariffs, quotas and trade defense measures on Ukrainian exports to the EU for another year, until June 2024.

Image above the headline.- The Ukrainian military man shows a drone supplied thanks to the Drones for Ukraine Foundation. Capture of a video collected on the website of the #dronesforukraine initiative.

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