Will COVID 19 blow off Tokyo 2020 Olympic torch?

Since 13th February foreign nationals who have visited Hubei and Zhejiang Provinces within 14 days of arrival in Japan or who have a Chinese passport issued by these provinces, will not be able to land in japan except under special circumstances for the time being.

As of 18th february 65 people tested positive for the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) in Japan following UN WHO data.

As Medical expenses may be high in the event that a tourist becomes sick or injured and require a visit to the hospital, Japan Travel advise is not forgetting to take out the needed travel insurance whilst in Japan.

Tokyo International Airport. © Japan Airport Terminal Co., Ltd.

Satoshi Seino (President of the Japan National Travel Organisation -JNTO-) issued today an official communication explaining these and other restrictive measaures to travel issued by the Japan Government to prevent the spread of the COVID 19 accross the Asian Country.

“…in response to the increased spread of the virus in other areas of China, additional measures are being taken to reduce secondary infection and associated risks in Japan, including having all air/sea passengers arriving from China answer a questionnaire, putting up posters to encourage self-reporting of any symptoms or concerns, and distributing health declaration cards,” Seino added.

In contrast with these increasingly restictive measures for travellers put in place by the Japanese Government, to date the IOC has no plans to cancell the Tokyo Olympic Games that will start off on 24th July this year.

The COVID 19 outbreak may be not affecting the Olympic Games in Tokyo by next July but has alreadey had an Olympic effect. The International Olympic Commitee Boxing task Force (BTF) decided las 24th Jannuary to move the Asian/Ocean Tokyo 2020 Boxing qualyfing event, originally to be held in Wuhan from 3rd to 11th March, to Amman (Jordan) due to the COVID outbreak.

© Mizuho Research Institute

Following the estimations on the economic impact of the 2020 OG in the Japanese economy published Mizuho in 2014, they were expected around JPY 207.4Bn revenues just from the spending from spectators (including accomodation, transportation, meals, etc) and JPY121.2 Bn from purchases of related goods.

Mizuho’s forecast on the beneficial impact of the 2020 Games in Japan also incluede the creation of at least 20,000 new jobs, of which 58,000 will be demanded by Wholesale and retail companies, 30,000 by enterprises devoted to services for buiness and 25,000 due to the need to offer services for individuals.

All these benefits would be gone with COVID if the Tokyo 29020 Olympic Games were not held.

Image over the headline.- New National Stadium, designed by Kengo Kuma for Tokyo Olympic Games 2020. © Tokyo 2020.

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