Boris Johnson resigns

Boris Johnson resigns as UK Prime Minister

Having clearly lost the support of his own party Boris Johnson has resigned today as Prime Minister of the UnitedKingdom.
“Being PM is an education itself” recognised Boris Johnson just a few minutes ago after informing that it is the will of the Brittish Parliament and his party that he should leave and a new Prime Minister should be appointed. “I agree with them”, said Johnon, wo advanced that the timetable of the process to appoint a new head of the tories and Prime Minsiter will be communicated next week and that he will remain heading the cabinet till the new Prime Minister takes office.

Boris Johnson_House of Commons_12_01_2022_parties scandal_cabecera
Boris Johnson visibly worried at a PM questions session at The House of Commons. Caption of the video of the session provided to Eastwind by the same House of Commons for publishing.

Johnson announced he is leaving but not without underscoring that the Conservative Party won the latest elections with the widest majority in its history and that many people voted conservative for the first time ever.

The scandal triggered by the parties at Downing Street while COVID-19 confinement rules were in place has been the late drop but not the only reason why Johnson has lost the confidence of UK Parliament and the support of the great majority inside the Conservative Party.

Who will succeed Johnson?

Former Chancellor Rishi Sunak_right and Trade Minister Penny Mordaunt _left_UK Government
Former Chancellor Rishi Sunak (on the right side) and Trade Minister Penny Mordaunt. Photos © UK Government. Composition © Eastwind.

Former Chancellor Rishi Sunak and Trade Minister Penny Mordaunt appear in most of foretells as the front runners to become the next leader of the tories.
Others put their eye on Andrew Stephenson as Johnson’s resignation announcement comes just after Andrew Stephenson has been appointed as Minister without Portfolio. Is he perhaps undertaking any role in all this stuff?.

Image over the headline.- Boris Johnson announcing his resignation at the front door of 10th Downing Street. Caption from the video of his statement. To watch the whole speech just click on the link I provide at the end of this post.

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