Brexit.- May will let Parliament decide if a referendum is needed to approve the EU Withdrawal Bill

Corbyn finds the deal unacceptable and claims, not for a referendum, but for general elections

Eva González London (UK), 22 May, 2019

“I’ve also listened carefully to those who have been arguing for a Second Referendum.
I have made my own view clear on this many times. I do not believe this is a route that we should take, because I think we should be implementing the result of the first referendum, not asking the British people to vote in a second one.

But I recognise the genuine and sincere strength of feeling across the House on this important issue.
The Government will therefore include in the Withdrawal Agreement Bill at introduction a requirement to vote on whether to hold a second referendum. This must take place before the Withdrawal Agreement can be ratified.

And if the House of Commons were to vote for a referendum, it would be requiring the Government to make provisions for such a referendum, including legislation if it wanted to ratify the Withdrawal Agreement.
So to those MPs who want a second referendum to confirm the deal: you need a deal and therefore a Withdrawal Agreement Bill to make it happen. So let it have its Second Reading and then make your case to Parliament.” This said Theresa May (PM of the UK) yesterday in an speech on the new Brexit Deal.

Today the PM made an estatement on this point at The House of Commons and May advanced yesterday that the next two weeks the Government will be making the case for the Bill in Parliament, in the media and in the country.

The EU Withdrawal Agreement Bill is expected to be debated in the House of Commons at the beginning of June and will be published tomorrow for the MPs to have the maximum time to study, consider it and make propposals for amendments.
The Prime Minister hopes to secure support for her Government’s Brexit deal and deliver a “managed Brexit” before the expiration of Article 50 on 31st October 2019. The deal has been defeated three times in “meaningful votes”, with a number of Conservative MPs and the DUP voting against it.

A 10 point Withdrawal Bill to pursue changes in the Political Agreement

“…we cannot expect MPs to vote on the same two documents they previously rejected. So we will seek changes to the political declaration to reflect this new deal.
So our New Brexit Deal makes a ten-point offer to everyone in Parliament who wants to deliver the result of the referendum.

One – the Government will seek to conclude Alternative Arrangements to replace the backstop by December 2020, so that it never needs to be used.

Two – a commitment that, should the backstop come into force, the Government will ensure that Great Britain will stay aligned with Northern Ireland.

Theresa May (PM of the UK) delivering her speech on Brexit Bill and new EU Withdrawal Deal on 21st May 2019. © OIffice of the PM on Twitter.

Three – the negotiating objectives and final treaties for our future relationship with the EU will have to be approved by MPs.

Four – a new Workers’ Rights Bill that guarantees workers’ rights will be no less favourable than in the EU.

Five – there will be no change in the level of environmental protection when we leave the EU.

Six – the UK will seek as close to frictionless trade in goods with the EU as possible while outside the single market and ending free movement.

Seven – we will keep up to date with EU rules for goods and agri-food products that are relevant to checks at the border protecting the thousands of jobs that depend on just-in-time supply chains.

Eight – the Government will bring forward a customs compromise for MPs to decide on to break the deadlock.

Nine – there will be a vote for MPs on whether the deal should be subject to a referendum.

And ten – there will be a legal duty to secure changes to the political declaration to reflect this new deal.

All of these commitments will be guaranteed in law, so they will endure at least for this Parliament.The revised deal will deliver on the result of the referendum”, said the PM of the United Kingdom yesterday. She talked about all these 10 points again today before the Parliament.

Jeremy Corbin, against the EU Withdrawal Bill, claims for general elections

In response to Theresa May’s estatement the Leader of the Opposition (Labour Party) Jeremy Corbyn said: “It’s now clear that the bold new deal the Prime Minister promised is little more than a repackaged version of her three times rejected deal. The rhetoric may have changed, but the deal has not.”

Jeremy Corbyn (Leader of the Labour Party and of the oposition) at The House of Commons on 22nd May 2019. Caption of the official video of The House of Commons. © The House of Commons.

“No matter what the Prime Minister offers, it’s clear no compromise would survive the upcoming Tory leadership contest,”…”Its time for general elections and give the country a say”, he added.

A no vote on the Bill will lead to general elections or to a referendum for Art 50 revocation

Theresa May made clear yesterday that:”…only by voting for the Withdrawal Agreement Bill at Second Reading, can MPs provide the vehicle Parliament needs to determine how we leave the EU. So if MPs vote against the Second Reading of this Bill, they are voting to stop Brexit. If they do so, the consequences could hardly be greater.
Reject this deal and leaving the EU with a negotiated deal any time soon will be dead in the water.”, May pointed in her speech yesterday.

“And what would we do then?”, she continued,”Some suggest leaving without a deal. But whatever you think of that outcome, Parliament has been clear it will do all it can to stop it.If not no deal, then it would have to be a General Election or a second referendum that could lead to revocation, and no Brexit at all.”

Image over the headline.- Theresa May (PM of the UK) at The House of Commons on 22nd May 2019. Caption of the official video of The House of Commons. © The House of Commons.

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