May’s Government got the confidence of the House of Commons by just 19 votes

DUP MPs and Conservative hard brexiters finally supported May, while Art 50 clock keeps on ticking

Eva González London (UK), 16 January, 2019

The PM of the UK Theresa May and her Government finally got the confidence of the House of Commons by an extremely narrow difference of 19 votes. Among MPs 306 voted yes and 325 voted no to the no confidence motion triggered by Jermy Corbyn (Leader of the Laborist Party) after the House’s sound rejection of May’s Brexit deal yesterday.

Against anyone could expect given their opposition against the backstop, DUP MPs voted for the Government. They had rejected yesterday the Brexit agreement already closed with the EU. Perhaps today some promises on delivering more investments for Northern Ireland by the Government might have made the miracle come true. At least Nigel Dodds refererred to the  point of investments in health education and infrastructure needed in Northern Ireland and still not carried out by the Government in his speech after the Confidence Vote.
The hardest brexiters in the Conservative Party also ranked behinfd PM Theresa May, at least in this point.

Once rejected the no confidence motion triggered by Jeremy Corbyn (the leader of the Laborist Party), May is resuming Brexit path. The PM offered dialogue to all political parties in the House and advanced that she will next Monday put on the table another proposition on Brexit to be ammended by the MP and then voted in the Parliament.

No negotation if May does not make clear there will be  no hard Brexit

Corbyn urged May to make clear that she is not considering any exit the European Union a deal  as a sine qua non condition for the Laborist Party to start off any constructive discussion with the Government to find a way forward for the Brexit.

Jeremy Corbyn (Leaderm of the Laborist Party) at The House of Commons on 16th January 2019. Caption of the video provided by the UK House of Commons for publishing

He said: “Last night the House rejected the Government’s conclusion on its negotiation with the European Union..Last night the House rejected the Goverment’s deal enphatically. A week ago the House voted to condemm the idea of a no deal Brexit. Before there can be any positive discussion on the way forward the Government must remove clearly once and for all the prospect of cathastrophy of a no deal brexit of the EU and all the cales that will come as a result of that. And I urge the Prime Minsiter to confirm now that the Government will countenate a no deal brexit from the European Union”.

Nigel Dodds MP (Belfast North, Democratic Unionist Party) at The House of Commons on 16th January 2019. Caption of the video provided by the UK House of Commons for publishing.

Nigel Dodds MP (Belfast North, Democratic Unionist Party) showed decided to constructively discuss with Theresa May, but the backstop and soft border issues remain on the table.

Dodds said:”I’m always delivering for Northern Ireland. And when the people when the people of Northern Ireland see that investment in education and health and infrastructure they will faith the Parliament and they will faith this party and they will faith this Government for this fact of investment.

“I can say however that the confidence in supply an arrangement of course is built upon delivering Brexit on the basis of our shared priorities for us as the union. I want to deliver Brexit taking back our control on our laws, our border and money as we leave the European Union as one country. Let us work in the coming days to achieve that objective.”

May shows open to dialogue, but still commited to delivering on Brexit’s vote

Theresa May underscored in the House just after the Confidence Vote: “I’m pleased that this House has expressed its confidence in this Government. I do take this responsibility likely and My Goverment will continue with its work to increase our prosperity, guarantee our security and to strenthen our union. And yes, we will also continue to work to deliver into the promise we made to the people of this country to deliver on the results of the referendum and leave the European Union. I believe this duty is shared by every member of this House and we have the responsibility to identify a way forward that can secure the backing of the House.

The PM of the United Kongdom, Theresa May, at The House of Commons on 16th January 2019. Caption of the video provided by the UK House of Commons for publishing.

“To that end I propose a series of meetings between senior parlamentarians and representatives of the Government in the coming days. And I would like to invite the leaders of the Parliamentary parties to meet with me individually and I would like to start these meetings tonight.

“The Government approaches these meetings in a constructive spirit to do the same, but we must find solutions that are negotiable and command suficient support in this House and as I have said, we will return to the House on Monday to table an ammendable motion and to make an estatement about the way forward. The House has put its confidence in this Government.

“I stand ready to work with any member of this House to deliver on Brexit as I’m sure that this House will retain the confidence of British people.”

Risk of hard Brexit increases as 29th March approaches

At this point of the Brexit debate anything can happen, even a new no confidence motion in May’s Government could be triggered.

Should the European Union not change its position on the already closed deal and political declaration, the EU will reject any further negotiation before the House ratify the mentioned documents with no amendment. So the constructive discussions propposed by May this evening at the House can in no way change the Brexit deal already closed in Brussels if the UK wants to push the Art. 50 forward for an orderly exit of the UK from the European Union.

If May keeps her seat there’s no chance for a new referendum, to ask for a technical extension of the Art 50 or stopping the Brexit process for the UK to remain as a member of the EU. May has declared once and anoither that she is commited to deliver on Brexit.

Therefore risk for an exit with no agreement (hard Brexit) approaches as the clock ticks towards the 29th March.

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Image over the headline.- No confidence motion (break down of votes). © House of Commons.

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