Eastwind resumes content edition after cyber attack

Our readers have been fully secure all the time while browsing our sites despite the cyber attack

Eva González Pozuelo de Alarcón (Spain), 21 December, 2017

Eastwind magazines (Eastwind and Eastwind Marketing) have temporarily stopped  content publications (the last ones appeared on December 5th).
This temporary interruption has been necessary due to a hacker attack that has forced us to clean all our systems as well as acquiring and installing new equipment.
We apologize for any inconvenience we might have caused to our followers and hope they understand that we had to suspend our publishing activity while reconditioning the cyber structure and equipment of Eastwind.

Every cloud has a silver lining

We reported on the attack to the police.Then we decided to turn the “misfortune” into an opportunity. Apart from restructuring and improving the magazine’s computer fleet, we have also enhanced our security levels in order to fully guarantee the security of both our readers and collaboratorswhile browsing or communicating with us.

We have done this, although we are sure that our readers’ computers have not been in danger while browsing Eastwind and Eastwind Marketing during this attack. The Trojan has only affected the internal structure of the company.

Our levels of security were already high, but we have “shielded” even more the systems, connections and equipment of the magazines, given that we were still vulnerable to certain attacks, such as the one we have suffered, much more sophisticated than usual.

Our readers and collaborators might also have noticed that Google has added an i on the left side of our Internet address. Soon we will be have a domain with a https address, so that any i tag that Google migh have added, even if theoretical or minimal, to our websites should disappear. And we say theoretical or minimal, because despite the i tag Eastwind websites do not process payments or ask our users for their bank account passwords, etc…

Warning for collaborators

We think that the security systems of our collaborators and of the companies we usually communicate with have surely detected and “killed” the Trojan responsible for the attack, but we recommend them using a high-end antivirus to check the emails received from Eastwind. The safest option anyway is to delete all emails received from Eastwind along November and December 2017.

Image over the headline.- Manuel G. Carbajo (Honorary Director, Eastwind Marketing) -left-. Eva González (Editor & CEO, Eastwind Magazines) -on the rightside of the image-.