Karl Lagerfeld designs first ever 3D printed Chanel jacket

Karl Lagerfeld (head designer for Chanel) reinvents the traditional suit of the Maison Chanel adding a tech twist.
The Chanel haute couture collection Fall-Winter 2015/16 includes the first ever 3D printed jacked of the firm. The announcement has been made on the latest issue of Chanel News, Chanel’s owned media.

The usual textile material and joins are replaced by a one single piece structure with flexible texture, which is manufactured with a 3D printer.
This cushioned material and fretwork is then embroidered with beadings and enriched with braiding. This latest finish is handmade by the expert artisans working for the Maison Chanel.

Karl Lagerfeld said on his first ever 3D printed creation for Chanel: “The idea was taking the most iconic jacket of the XX century to create a XXI century version , as this already was inimaginable from the technical point of view in the era she was born in ” -with that she Lagerfeld reffers to madame Cocó Chanel, of course-

Image above the headline.- Chanel logo. © Chanel.

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