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The Atomic Energy Organization of Iran and IAEA reach temporary agreement on the Nuclear Pact

The Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI) and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) have reached a temporary technical understanding allowing IAEA continue with its necesssary verification and monitoring activities related to the Iranian Nuclear Program up to 3 months.

The AEOI informed the IAEA that in order to comply with the act passed by the Parliament of the Islamic Republic of Iran called “Strategic Action to Cease Actions and Protect the interest of Iranian Nation” (The “Law”) Iran will stop the implementation of the voluntary measures as envisaged in the JCPOA (Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action) more commonly known as the Iran Nuclear Deal.

“This law exists, this law is going to be implemented, and this means that the implementation of the aditional protocol is going to be suspended. Nevertheless we decided to go there and agree on a specific bilateral arrangement, understanding, as we call it, that will allow us to bridge this period in the best possible way without losing the necessary monitoring and verification capacities…This is less access but at least we were able to retain the necessary degree of monitoring and verification”, Rafael Mariano Grossi (Director General of the IAEA) during the press conference held yesterday in the evening as soon as he landed in Wien returned from his travel to Iran.

“This is not a replacement of which we used to have. This is a temporary agreement that allow us to show the world what it is going on there in the hope that we can return to a fuller complyance”…”What we have agreed is something to bridge this situation. For a sustainable situation it is needed a political negotiation that is not up to me,” he added.

In the road to resume talks

Last 18th February Biden Administration jointly with US’ European partners offered to start off talks with Iran on the return to the nuclear deal for the first time in four years after former POTUS, Donald Trump made the USA to withdraw from the pact.

IAEA Director General Yukiya Amano and Vice President of the Islamic Republic of Iran Ali Akhbar Salehi_Iran Nuclear Pact
IAEA Director General Yukiya Amano and Vice President of the Islamic Republic of Iran Ali Akhbar Salehi at the signing of a roadmap for the clarification of past
and present issues regarding Iran’s nuclear program in Vienna. Coburg Palace, Vienna, Austria, 14 July 2015. Photo Credit: Dean Calma / IAEA

Iran had set the next 21st February as the deadline for lifting all oil and banking sanctions against the Asian country. Were the sanctions not withdrawn Iran would push all UN IAEA’s inspectors out of the country.

The technical agreement

In order for the IAEA to continue its verification and monitoring activities, the AEOI and the IAEA agreed:

1.- That Iran continues to implement fully and without limitation its Comprehensive Safeguards Agreement with the IAEA as before.

2.- To a temporary bilateral technical understanding, compatible with the Law, whereby the IAEA will continue with its necessary verification and monitoring activities for up to 3 months (as per technical annex).

3.- To keep the technical understanding under regular review to ensure it continues to achieve its purposes.

Image over the headline.- Rafael Mariano Grossi (Director General of the IAEA). caption of the video of the press conference.© IAEA.

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