Bye to the ‘stylish no matter the pain motto’ for women’s heels?

Handmade in Italy with fine Italian leather the first pain-free high heel shoe designed by New York-based podiatric surgeon Joan Oloff, just happens to feel like a traditional comfort shoe.
The launch of this new high heels tech shoe has been in part inspired by Victoria Beckham’s recent announcement
that she can no longer wear her signature sky-high heels.

CT Scan of a foot in a Joan Oloff heel (blue) and in a standard heel (red). (PRNewsFoto/Joan Oloff Shoes)
CT Scan of a foot in a Joan Oloff heel (blue) and in a standard heel (red). (PRNewsFoto/Joan Oloff Shoes)

Dr. Oloff has designed a high fashion luxury shoe that is constructed in such a way that it can accommodate the
structure and function of the human foot and ankle, while maintaining the delicate and beautiful lines of a high-heeled shoe.
Still patent pending, is so much more than just an “extra padded” insole. It’s a combination of unique features, most of which are not visible to the human eye, that create an orthotic effect and are certainly felt once the shoes are worn.

Shoe by Joan Oloff.© Joan Oloff shoes.
Shoe by Joan Oloff.© Joan Oloff shoes.

These unique features offload the pressure points in the ball of the foot, redistribute weight so that the entire foot shares the load of the body, support the arch and metatarsal bones, and include a shock absorbing material that will not fail over time. This technology is based on structural changes that have been unseen in the footwear industry until now.

Oloff may not be the first person to have spoken out about the idea that women don’t have to suffer for style, but she’s certainly the most experienced.

In fact, she’s been surrounded by feet and footwear her entire life, having spent her formative years working in her father’s shoe store before following her own path and becoming a renowned podiatrist and podiatric surgeon.  As
a doctor, Joan Oloff has treated countless women and an exceptional number of professional female athletes, whose careers and livelihoods are very much dependent on the state of their feet.

“Had Victoria Beckham known 15 years ago that her sky-high heels were causing long-term damage, would she have stopped wearing them?” asks Joan Oloff, “Women are becoming more mindful in all areas of their lives but no one is thinking about the alternatives when it comes to their footwear.”

May this new product revolt the luxury shoes landscape or not, it is radically distant approach that of this woman doctor headquaertered both in NY and California, from the well known sentence by Christian Loboutin: “High heels are pleasure with pain”.
Women surely will welcome Oloff ‘sapproach.

Image over the headline.- Shoes by Joan Oloff.© Joan Oloff.

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