May’s Government and EU show prepared for a Brexit without agreement

A day for declarations, also on the Brexit, at the Informal Summit of EU Govenrment Presidents being held on 19th and 20th September in Salzburg, under the Austrian rotating EU Presidency.

The President of the European Council, Donald Tusk, has set EU’s position and the British Prime Minister, Theresa May has no way gone behind in the press conference that she has offered in Salzburg, just some minutes ago.

Tusk has made it clear, Ireland’s support for Brexit terms is a sine qua non requirement for the European Union to sign the Withdrawal Agreement of the United Kingdon.

It seems that the economic agreement proposed by May’s Administration is not acceptable for the EU, because it could undermine the foundations of its market unity.

Tusk told that the final deadline to sign the agreement for the Brexit is November, while Theresa May pointed that the deadline agreed was October.

Tusk dixit

“At our EU27 working lunch today we had a good discussion on Brexit, which once again reconfirmed our full unity,” started Donald Tusk at the press conference offered at the end of the Summit, around 13:00 pm today. “Let me highlight three points, he continued.

Informal Summit of Heads of State or Government, Salzburg 2018 on 20 September 2018 – Press Conference. Picturing, President of the European Council Donald Tusk. Caption of the press confence video. © BKA

“First, we reconfirmed that there will be no Withdrawal Agreement without a solid, operational and legally binding Irish backstop. And we continue to fully support Michel Barnier in his efforts to find such a model.

“Second, we agreed to have a joint political declaration that provides as much clarity as possible on the future relations. Everybody shared the view that while there are positive elements in the Chequers proposal, the suggested framework for economic cooperation will not work. Not least because it risks undermining the Single Market.

“Third, we also discussed the timetable for further negotiations. The moment of truth for Brexit negotiations will be the October European Council. In October we expect maximum progress and results in the Brexit talks. Then we will decide whether conditions are there to call an extraordinary summit in November to finalise and formalise the deal.

There will be no second referendum, May underscored

Theresa May set UK’s position on a new referendum, the deadline to reach an agreement, and the need for the full support by Ireland, which is demanded by the EU.

Informal Summit of Heads of State or Government, Salzburg 2018 on 20 September 2018. UK Prime Minister at her press conference this afternoon.

“I want to make clear my position on this point. There will be no second referendum. There was a referendum on 2006 and it is the responsibility of politicians to deliver on that vote,” May said on at the press conference this afternoon.

UK’s PM also made clear that “the deadline initially agreed is October. It is Mr Tusk who told about November. We are working hard on that date but there is no proposal on the board. We respect the concersn of the EU on single market unity, but we are negotiating”

On the event that Ireland could not support the agreement, May was also crystal clear: “What I am doing is negociating to deliver for all the people in the United Kingdom and not only for the people in Northern Ireland.”

TUC will no way support a no pacted Brexit

UK’s Prime Minister shows prepared for a Brexit without a Withdrawal Agreemnet with the EU, but both Trade Unions and Business people, even plain British citizens are no way for an uniateral exit from the European Union.

Frances OGrady (General Secretary of the TUC) . Credit Jess Hurd/Report Digital

Last 9th September Frances O’Grady (General Secretary of the trade Unions Congress -TUC-) made clear that in case no suitable withdrawal deal is signed TUC will support a second referendum on Brexit: “After all, if the government can’t conclude a Withdrawal Agreement, there will be no transition agreement at all. The cost of trade will shoot up, and that will hit jobs and wage packets.

“I’m also clear that taking a ‘my deal or no deal’ approach won’t give Parliament a real choice, but be tantamount to holding the country to ransom.

“So this morning, I warned the prime minister that if her deal doesn’t protect jobs, rights at work and peace in Northern Ireland, the TUC will throw our weight behind the call for a vote on the terms of Brexit.”

Leaving aside business woman Gina Miller’s claims for a second referendum this same month, the truth is that the People’s Vote Campaign is gaining momentum in the UK as the chance for a Brexit without any Withrawal Agreement increases.

And what’s more important, a poll carried out last August by YouGov showed that a 45% of people in the UK support people’s vote on the Brexit final agreement.

Image over the headline.- Informal Summit of Heads of State or Government, Salzburg 2018 on 20 September 2018 – Press Conference. Picturing Federal Chancellor Sebastian Kurz (left), President of the European Council Donald Tusk (center) and President of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker (right). © BKA/Andy Wenzel

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