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The Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court will open an investigation on crimes against mankind in Venezuela

The International Criminal Court (ICC) announced tonight that Karim A. A. Khan, ICC’s Prosecutor, has concluded the preliminary examination of the situation in Venezuela and has determined tht it is appropriate to open an investigation to establish the truth around crimes against mankind commited in the Latinamerican country in accordance with the Rome Statute.

Juan Guaidó welcomes the investigation by the ICC Prosecutor

The formal opening of the investigation for crimes against humanity, by the International Criminal Court, vindicates the right to obtain justice that has been denied in Venezuela for the victims and their families.

Juan Gerardo Guaidó Márquez (Commissioned President of Venezuela)

Juan Guaidó (Commissioned President of Venezuela) said on the decisson of the The formal opening of the investigation for crimes against humanity, by the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court, that this “vindicates the right to obtain justice that has been denied in Venezuela for the victims and their families.”

“We ratify our fight for justice and our commitment in this regard: to collaborate with all investigations that contribute to the determination of the truth and the establishment of individual criminal responsibilities throughout the chain of command,” he adeed ina asecond tweet.

The Presidential Commissioner for Foreign Relations, Miguel Pizarro, explained that the opening of a formal investigation by the International Criminal Court (ICC) ratifies that crimes against humanity have been perpetrated in Venezuela, as demonstrated by the Mission to Determine the Facts of the UN in their reports.

“This advance in the ICC is also a recognition of the victims and their families who demand justice, investigation and reparation daily for human rights violations,” he addedthrough his Twitter account.

“The world knows that crimes against humanity have been committed in Venezuela. Today the ICC prosecutor, Karim Khan, confirmed this. We will continue working tirelessly to ensure that justice is done, that there is reparation, that we are free and that we never live in this darkness again,” Elisa Trotta (whife of Juan Guaidó) tweeted.

Maduro’s Government signs LOU with ICC’s Prosecuor Office

While the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela interprets that the requirements of Article 53(1) of the Rome Statute are not met to justify moving from preliminary phase to the investigation phase , Maduro’s Government has signed a Letter of Understanding with the Office of the Prosecutor of the ICC in order to set a collaboration frame for the investigation and prosecution of this crimes where Venezuela’s current Administration will lead the investigation and effective prosecution of the crimes with the support of the ICC Prosecutor.

Image over the headline.- Karim A. A. Khan, ICC’s Prosecutor, and Nicolás Maduro (President of the Republici of Venezuela) show the LOU they have just signed.© ICC

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