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A British ad agency launches Planet Saving Screen Savers while the COP28 is held in Dubai

The Or, a creative advertising agency headquartered in the UK has launched an array of eye catching although not so scenic Planet Saving Screen Savers aimed to encourage people to switch off their screens saving lots of energy and therefore helping to cut back CO2 emissions and fighting global warming.

Planet SavingScreenSavers_StephenBurridge_2
One of the planet saving screen savers. Photo by Stephen Burridge

The collection of “not so scenic” screen savers designed in collaboration with Friends of The Earth (a grassroots environmental campaigning community operating in the UK) and a bunch of well reputed photographers is rooted in the fact that leaving TVs and laptops on standby consumes 10x the amount of power than when the device is in sleep mode.

PlanetSavingScreenSavers_Charlie Birch_1
One of the planet saving screen savers. Photo by Charlie Birch

The screen savers (for laptops, mobile devices and smartTVs) are now available to download for free on a dedicated site (click on the link I provide at the end of this post). The Or has unveiled the project today on the occasion of the COP28 currently being held in Dubai.

Image over the headline.- One of the planet saving screen savers. Photo by MaxVirgili.

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