Accenture and WPP to manage media and digital sales in an integrated team for BBVA

The Spaniard bank BBVA has awarded its media and digital ecosystem accounts respectively to the WPP Group and Accenture Interactive. This is the result of a selection process that began last November and involved large advertising international brands.
Candidates were judged during the pitch on their knowledge of the BBVA account, their hability to improve and potimize processes, and their commitment to work as a single team with the three parties involved.

The two agencies will work hand in hand over the next 3 years. Both WPP and Accenture were already working for BBVA. BBVA keeps the management of the ad investment in mass media while Accenture Interactive will be responsible for promoting digital sales.
A new team structure will support BBVA as the bank continues growing their digital customer base (as of December 2019 32.1 million, a 57% of the total client base), and digital sales, which currently accounts for he 59% of total sold units and the 45% of total sales in value).

Both agencies WPP and Accenture will provide BBVA with and integrated model that will optimize the team, time and learnings for the complete process with a team including, not only first row media investment and creative profiles, but also specialists in all digital sales skills (SEO, personalisation, digital sales process optimisation, automation of marketing processes, data activation, technology, etc.).

Image over the headline.- BBVA headquarters in Madrid.© BBVA

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