Andy Lau best wishes Hong bao Fred and Farid_Tik Tok_chinese new year 2023

Andy Lau’s heartfelt letter inside the red envelope instead of just money in the Chinese New Year 2023 TV ad for Tik Tok by Fred&Farid Shanghai

Fred & Farid Shanghai has been appointed by TikTok to develop its campaign for the Chinese New Year.
In partnership with top-tier Chinese star, Andy Lau, the leading creative agency created a brand TVC and dynamic opening screen assets using remote shooting methods.

The campaign, which references the traditional Hongbao, the use of giving red envelopes filled with money as a gesture of good wishes during the Chinese New Year, brings new approach to the practice.

Instead of focusing on the amount of money or the mechanism of receiving the Hongbao, the campaign emphasizes the simple and heartfelt message of good wishes conveyed through a traditional Chinese letter written by Andy Lau himself.

Image over the headline.- Andy Lau writing the best wishes letter for Tiktik’s red envelope for their users. Caption from the TV ad published by Fred&Farid on You Tube. To watch the TVC click on the link I provide at the end of this post.

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