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Avatar-based social network Zepeto builds the #ChooseToChallenge call to action into their platform

By building the #ChooseToChallenge call-to-action into its 3D avatar platform, more than 200 million registered users from around the world can engage in supporting the IWD theme. With 200 million community, this app is particularly popular with Gen Z women in Asia.

Zepeto platform is developed by Naver Z Corporation in South Korea, offers a 3D world where users can play games and there is even a virtual boutique created with Gucci and Christian Louboutin. Zepeto has also partnered with iconic brands like Disney, Nike, Blackpink and Universal Pictures, along with further global leading brands and IPs, to create virtual avatar content.

New avatar items_ChooseTheChallenge_Zepeto
New #ChooseTheChallenge avatar items on Zepeto. © Zepeto.

Since its launch in 2018, ZEPETO has attracted more than 200 million Gen Z users from around the world who have spent millions of hours in this metaverse. With thousands of unique user-created items and virtual spaces being uploaded every day, Zepeto is a community for self-expression for Gen Zs from around the world.

New ChooseToChallenge avatar items and avatar based video featuring K-pop girl group, ITZY

Zepeto has encouraged their users to support the #ChooseToChallenge in three ways:

a) New avatar items for International Women’s Day:

New items have been released to celebrate International Women’s Day and ZEPETO invites its vast community to “wear the IWD #ChooseToChallenge items and feel the power flow through you.”

b) K-pop girl group, ITZY avatars video:

Demonstrating how the movement of avatars is choreographed and developed, ZEPETO collaborated with South Korean girl group ITZY to create a music video.

ITZY's NOT SHY MV Zepeto avatar video
ITZY’s NOT SHY MV Zepeto avatar video. © Zepeto.

Formed by JYP Entertainment, K-pop group ITZY components are: Yeji (예지); Lia (리아); Ryujin (류진);Chaeryeong (채령) and Yuna (유나).

c) #GIRLPOWER within Zepeto:

Not exactly for the IWD 2021, but as a constant proposal, GIRLPOWER as a concept is already very popular with its massive online community, having already seen 11,000+ related posts inside Zepeto.

Image over the headline.- Zepeto GIRLPOWER #ChooseTheChallenge call to action. © Zepeto.

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