Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics.- Lu Chuan, Zhang Yimou and Zhang Heping, the creative bunch “cooking” the official film, openingng and closing ceremonies

Multi-award-winning Chinese filmmaker Lu Chuan has been selected to direct the Official Film of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games 2022.
Zhang Heping and Zhang Yimou, will guide the production of the film and serve as supervisor, respectively.
The director of Red Sorghum has been selected as well as the Chief Director of the Beijing 2022 opening and closing ceremonies.

Major new voice in Chinese cinema for the Olympics film

LuChuan_filmdirector_PRC_Being Olympics_2022_IOC_02
Lu Chuan. © IOC 2021

Lu Chuan is recognised as a major new voice in Chinese cinema, with more than 40 awards to his name, including those at important international festivals such as Sundance and the San Sebastian Film Festival (Cityof Life and Death), among others.

His Chronicles of the Ghostly (2015), a 3D fantasy adventure, surpassed USD 100 million at the Chinese box office and was considered a breakthrough in Chinese commercial genre films and “China’s answer to the Hollywood blockbuster” due to its visual effects. In 2016, his first English movie, Born in China, cherishing the links between humans and nature, again caught the world’s attention.

Film-making for Lu Chuan is about exploring different places and linking people and cultures without boundaries. As a Chinese filmmaker, screenwriter and producer, he has followed in the footsteps of his father, writer Lu Tianming, also becoming a renowned storyteller.

Lu graduated from the Nanjing People’s Liberation Army Institute of International Relations and the Directing Programme at Beijing Film Academy. Since then, he has been one of the mainland’s most well-known young directors and has garnered both Chinese and international acclaim.

With Beijing becoming the first city to host both the Summer and Winter editions of the Olympic Games, Lu said his motivation is to showcase to the world the host cities (Beijing and Zhangjiakou) and today’s China.

“As a Chinese person, I am honoured to participate in such a grand event. As a filmmaker, I have the responsibility of recording this extraordinary competition and cultural event for the nation and the world and at the same time, leave a valuable legacy in the treasure house of human civilisation,” he said.
Lu’s success began with The Missing Gun, released in 2002, followed by his second feature, Mountain Patrol (2004), which won a Golden Horse Best Picture award at the Sundance Film Festival and the Special Jury Prize at the Tokyo International Film Festival.
His third film, City of Life and Death (2009) won Best Film and Best Cinematography Awards at the 57th San Sebastian Film Festival

Lu_Chuan_Chronicles of the Ghostly
Some picks from the film Cronicles of the Ghostly, directed by Lu Chuan

The Associate Director of the Olympic Foundation for Culture and Heritage, Yasmin Meichtry, said: “We are delighted that Lu Chuan was chosen to produce the Official Film of the Beijing Games. His film-making is known for taking on historical and social matters with an authentic Chinese voice. As a renowned storyteller and talented portrayer, his film will convey compelling and meaningful messages to encourage and forge better understanding between different cultures and promote the Olympic values of excellence, respect and friendship.”

Zhang Heping and Zhang Yimou, to guide production and supervising, respectively

An expert advisory board, headed by renowned Chinese artist Zhang Heping, will guide the production of the Official Film.
Zhang Heping is known for several films and TV series, and has previously been the Chairman of the Beijing Federation of Literary and Art Circles, and Beijing People’s Art Theatre.

Floating Olympic Rings at the opening ceremony of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games. To watch IOC´s video of the ceremony, click on the link I provide at the end of this post.

Multi awarded film director Zhang Yimou (Red Sorghum; Raise the Red Lantern; Hero; House of Flying Daggers) is serving as the chief supervisor of the film.
Zhang Yimou is also the Chief Director of the Beijing 2022 Opening and Closing ceremonies. Both Zhang Heping and Zhang Yimou had worked closely on the Beijing 2008 ceremonies.

Image over the headline.- Left to right: Zhang Yimou. Photo by deepskyobject through Wikimedia Commons. To watch the original image and read the terms of the lisense, click here. Lu Chuan, photo © IOC 2021. On the right, Zhang Heping.

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