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BETC Etoile Rouge makes of Givenchy’s Le Rouge Deep Velvet an icon for women empowerment

BETC Etoile Rouge gives a new turn to the Le Rouge campaign to launch the new shades of the Givenchy’s iconic lipstic. From an it campaign into a empowering me campaign, from multi media to just Digital. A new language and approach for the Instagram generation.

This is the little big difference introduced into the code of the 2019 campaign to launch in March 2021 the extended range of shades within Givenchy’s Le Rouge Deep Velvet product.

The iconic lipstick launched in 2019 has quickly risen to the top of the make-up trends thanks to its Powdery Matte & High Pigmentation.
In 2021 under the same claim “This is unicque, this is Le Rouge, this is couture” the approach is far different.

Piece of the 2021 Le Rouge deep velvet camapign 2021. © BETC/Givenchy

In 2021 the actress Sadie Sink, made famous by the Stranger Things cult TV show. Particularly popular among the young generation, Sadie Sink, with her strong personality, embodies perfectly the brand territory of Givenchy Beauté.

Through this campaign, we discover Sadie Sink and the many faces of her personality expressed through different shades of Le Rouge Deep Velvet instead of the many faces of the product on the lips of a top model and her never revealed personality. A product with its stron personality covering hundred’s of women’s lips becomes a way for women to express their own me in the case of the Who I am video and the Who I can be spot.

LE ROUGE DEEP VELVET and the other shades of Le Rouge_Betc Paris_cabecera
Some digital graphics of the BETC Etoile Rouge 2021 100% digital campaign for Givenchy Le Rouge new shades. In the center Le Rouge deep velvet. © BETC Etoile Rouge/Givenchy

In the second digital video (Who can I be) it is added again a new turn this time the aspirational accent, with Le Rouge you can become the unicque you the couture version of you.

All I can say is that a little hue can make a big difference to empower women through communication and fashion.

The campaign was shot by Leonn Ward, Irish photographer and filmmaker, who brought her energy to the set, and who has previously worked with Vogue, Topshop, Adidas and Stella McCartney.

Image over the headline.- Caption of the video LE ROUGE DEEP VELVET- Who can I be, by BETC Etoile Rouge for Givenchy. © BETC Etoile Rouge/Givenchy

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This is Le Rouge, this is couture, BETC Etoile Rouge for Givenchy 2019

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