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Crayola’s “Color Yourself into the World”, the most effective campaign in the world

Crayola, dentsuMB, and Golin PR’s “Color Yourself into the World” won the Iridium Effie and was named the most effective campaign in the world at the second annual Global Best of the Best Effie Awards.

Crayola Colors of the World advertising image of the product
Crayola Colors of the World.© Crayola.

The work also won the Global Grand Effie Award in the Product/Service Launch category, and previously won a Gold Effie in the 2021 Effie Awards US competition.
Crayola developped a new, diverse and inclusive product “Crayola Colors of the World” allowing this way each one choosing the color that better fits his/her skin tone to draw the best selfie of oneself.

The first insight that triggered both the development of the new product and then the campaign to launch it is tha all kids want to feel represented and included.
That’s why the brand partnered with industry experts and listened to consumer snd teachers to find the better way to meet this kid’s need. The answer, crayons allowing to paint all kind of skin colors.

Crayola encouraged kids as well to paint their true selfie and get an adult share the image in social networks with the hashtag #TrueSelfie or upload their selfie to Crayola’s galery of selfies.

With the “Colors of the World” launch and “the #TrueSelfie” campaign, Crayola enabled all children to access a power they had collectively been denied – the ability to accurately color themselves, their families, and their friends into the world.

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One of the true selfies drawn with Crayola’s Colors of the World that were shared by kids around the world.

“With the world growing more diverse than ever before, Crayola hopes our new Colors of the World crayons will increase representation and foster a greater sense of belonging and acceptance,” said Crayola CEO Rich Wuertheleat the time the product was launched in 2020. “We want the new Colors of the World crayons to advance inclusion within creativity and impact how kids express themselves.”

To ensure the new Colors of the World crayons were developed to reflect an accurate and inclusive skin tone palette, Crayola not only conducted rigorous consumer testing, but also partnered with Victor Casale. Casale, formerly Chief Chemist and Managing Director, R&D of MAC cosmetics and Cofounder and Chief Innovation Officer of Cover FX and currently CEO of MOB Beauty, possesses over 30 years of experience in creating foundation colors for global skin tones.

For more than eight months, Crayola’s Research & Development and Marketing Teams collaborated with Casale to bring the Colors of the World crayons to life, modeling his scientific process for developing inclusive foundation shades. Together, Casale and Crayola systematically created crayon colors that step down from light to deep shades across rose, almond and golden undertones, resulting in a 24 global shade palette that authentically reflects the full spectrum of human complexions.

Global Best of the Best Effies and Global Multi-Region Effies

The Global Best of the Best Effies were announced alongside the 2022 Global Multi-Region Effies, sponsored by Meta, at the Global Effie Celebration, which was held virtually on Tuesday, December 6.

Traci Alford, Global CEO, Effie Worldwide said: “The Global Best of the Best Effies are just that. They represent the very best of our industry globally. Not only have this year’s Global Grand winners proven themselves to be effective across Effie’s framework and achieved top recognitions locally, but they have continued to impress and inspire global juries through two competitive rounds of review, proving that their ideas transcended borders. A big congratulations to this year’s winning teams, and to Crayola for being awarded the most effective work worldwide.”

The 2022 competition was open to 2021 Gold and Grand Effie winners from all regional and national Effie Awards programs around the world. Out of 60 Global Grand contenders, 12 emerged as Global Grand Effie winners.

At the event they were also unveiled the Global Multi Region Effie winners and Traci Alford said on them: “Winning a Multi-Region Effie is incredibly difficult. To prove effectiveness across markets, languages, and cultures requires an insight that is strong enough to address a universal human truth that can change behavior. Each of this year’s winners has not only done so successfully, but their impact will be felt for years to come. Congratulations to the 2022 Global Multi-Region Effie winners.”

Entrants competed in two rounds of review by the Global Best of the Best and Global Grand Juries. See full list of winners below.

Image over the headline.- One of the true selfies drawn with Crayola’s Colors of the World that were shared by kids around the world.

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