Dentsu established mobility project team and made other key “tech announcements” in August

Dentsu currently exploring the possibility of MaaS (Mobility as a Service), a new transportation system that focuses on a combination of services rather than vehicle ownership.
MaaS builds on the latest advances in automated drive-related technology. In order to accelerate the research and development of the next generation communication platform relating to mobility the company has established a mobility project team and signed on August 7, Dentsu signed a University-Industry Collaboration Agreement on Next Generation Mobility Society Research with the National University Corporation Gunma University.

Based on this agreement, and in collaboration with the Center for Research on Adoption of NextGen Transportation Systems (CRANTS) of Gunma University, Dentsu eyes to promote the research and development of communication platforms for advertising and content delivery methods for the mobility society of the near future.

CRANTS is a center for research, development and practice in a society of fully automated driving vehicles that do not require drivers and operation. In cooperation with industry and the region, the center aims to commercialize fully automated driving systems in limited areas by 2020.

The Japanese multinational explains that hese movements are rooted in the fact that in the future, along with the development of advanced technologies such as IoT and AI, it is expected that automated driving technology will not only be used in the driving sector but will also have a much larger impact on society as a whole. Therefore, in collaboration with companies in a wide range of industries we anticipate the development of new business opportunities that will contribute to the expansion of the Dentsu Group.

Sale of Kakaku, chosen by JeSU, and purchase of Amicus in Australia

Last August has been a month  of  “Tech announcements” by Dentu. The multinational decided on 2nd August to sell its 16,69% stake in the e-commerce site for Yen 79.3Bn. The sale ws expected to result in Yen 58.4Bn extraordinary gain to Dentsu. The sale was completely completed by 8th of last month.

Just one day after, on 9th August 2018, the Japanese communications multinational announced that it has been appointed as the dedicated Marketing Agency by the Japanese eSports association (JeSU -Japan Esports Union-).
JeSU was established in spring 2018 with the objective of improving the competitiveness of Japanese participants and popularizing the sporting spirit through the promotion of esports in Japan.

JeSU promotes surveys, research and awareness related to the promotion of esports, (2) the popularization of esports competitions, (3) the issuance of professional licensing and certification at esports competitions, (4) support for the development of esports athletes and (5) cooperation between various parties related to esports. In addition to the Asian games, JeSU is also proactively engaged in measures that enable the sending of esports teams and supply of domestic game titles focused on the adoption of esports as an official Olympic event category.

As the Union’s marketing partner, Dentsu will leverage the knowledge and expertise in the content and sports businesses accumulated over many years up to now. The agency will also devote its capabilities in terms of strategic marketing plan formulation and sponsorship sales, to promote the further development of esports in Japan.

As of today, KDDI CORPORATION, Suntory Holdings Limited, Lawson, Inc., THIRDWAVE CORPORATION, BEAMS, and Indeed Japan, Inc., have joined as official sponsors.

Following the Newzoo 2018 Global eSports Market Report, at present, the global audience for esports is approximately 380 million people, but that number is forecast to grow 1.5 times larger in the next three years.

Finally, on 20th August Dentsu Aegis Network reached an agreement to acquire a 100% stake in Amicus Digital Ventures Pty Ltd, a cloud and technical services provider established in 2015 and headquartered in Sydney, who has also presence in Melbourne (Australia).
Amicus Digital team of consultants helps clients transform consumer experiences using data and technology.

Following the acquisition, Amicus Digital will align with Merkle thereby launching Merkle’s Salesforce Marketing Cloud capabilities and adding to Dentsu Aegis Network’s scale in Australia. The agency will be rebranded “Amicus Digital, a Merkle Company” upon completion of the acquisition. By providing highly competitive data marketing service, the Dentsu Group will continue to expand its growth strategy in the APAC region.

Image over the headline.- Japan’s first automatic transportation delivery robot “CarriRo® Delivery”. This robot, developed and commersialised by the Japanese company ZMP, launched its first trial in 2017 as sushi home delivery system in August 2018 for the sushi home delivery brand Gin-no-Sara owned by Ride On Express. Ride On Express had taken a stake in ZMP in June 2017. Photo © ZMP. ZMP Robot has nothing to do with Dentsu or the Gunma University, but was the very first in Japan to carry out the home delivery automated service.

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