Even the dove of peace raps pleading crypto donations for Ukraine

Invest in peace, bro, that’s what we coo; Invest in peace, bro, it feels so good. That’s the plea of the dove for peace in the rap launched by the Government of Ukraine hand in hand with the blockchain company Everstake.

This is the latest, but not the least creative than the other official actions launched by then Government of Ukraine to keep Ukraine’s cause relevant for people during a war imposed by “general” Putin (find more creative initiatives to plead donations for Ukraine in the Related Eastwind Marketing links included at the end of this post).

The Ukraine-based blockchain company launched the rap video featuring Vice Prime Minister and Minister of Digital Transformation of Ukraine Mykhailo Fedorov and the same dove of peace to urge the crypto community to keep donating to a charitable organization Aid For Ukraine.

The rap video-clip was produced by the Kyiv-based creative agency Bickerstaff.574.

Ilia Anufreinko, Creative Director of Bickerstaff.574, commented on the video, “people rarely think about peace as an investment. But if there is no peace, there will be no opportunity to pump your Lamborghini or get an alpaca farm. It’s a very unusual communication campaign, so we believe it will stand out and attract more crypto donations.”
Born in 2020 in Kyiv, this young agency has achieved many coveted international and national recognitions in the Epica Awards, Golden Drum, Effie Awards Ukraine. In fact, they have brought home the first-ever in Ukraine trophy from London International Awards.

Aid For Ukraine raises funds from the crypto community for the benefit of Ukraine’s military and humanitarian needs. It has raised over $60M worth of different cryptocurrencies since its launch, of which over $45M has already been spent on first aid kits, ration packs, bulletproof vests, and other procurements. The initiative is co-powered by Everstake, Kuna, FTX, and the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine.

Sergey Vasylchuk, CEO and Co-founder of Everstake, said, “Peace comes at a price, but the first wave of donations has subsided. Cryptocurrencies are free from red-tape hurdles, which makes them the most efficient way to provide fast help. Every crypto contribution, no matter big or small, is another nail in the coffin of totalitarianism. Helping Ukraine fight off the invasion means helping us save the free world from enslavement.”

Not leaving things to just calls, Everstake and its co-founders Sergey Vasylchuk and Yev Zaifert have made crypto donations to Ukraine in the aggregate amount of $10M. Yev Zaifert alone donated $9M. These donations have funded Aid For Ukraine and other initiatives, including the charitable foundation of Kyiv School of Economics.

Image over the headline.- Capture from the Doves for peace’s pleading for donations for Ukraine rap video-clip.

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