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Facebook, to restore News in Australia after new changes in the News Media Bargaining Code by the Government

23_02_2021 05:30 am
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”After further discussions with the Australian Government, we have come to an agreement that will allow us to support the publishers we choose to, including small and local publishers. We’re restoring news on Facebook in Australia in the coming days.

“Going forward, the Government has clarified we will retain the ability to decide if news appears on Facebook so that we won’t automatically be subject to a forced negotiation.

It’s always been our intention to support journalism in Australia and around the world, and we’ll continue to invest in news globally and resist efforts by media conglomerates to advance regulatory frameworks that do not take account of the true value exchange between publishers and platforms like Facebook.” This is said on the official statement by Campbell Brown, VP, Global News Partnerships at Facebook this morning at 4:00 GMT.

Facebook says that they wil restore News but not specifying if the digital giant refers to the restrictions in sharing news for users and media in Austrlia announced some few days ago (to know more on this restrictions click on the link to our post published on 18th February provided at the end of this information) or to Facebook News, whose launch had been stopped by the Bargaining Code.

Google may well be exempted from the Code

Summing up the new advantages for Google derived from the ammendments agreed:

1.- Facebook will pay for contents, but not automatically, as it .

2.- Facebook may well be exempted from the Code as “a decision to designate a platform under the Code must take into account whether a digital platform has made a significant contribution to the sustainability of the Australian news industry through reaching commercial agreements with news media businesses”

3.- There’s an obligation to inform a concerned digital platform in advance, at least one moth before any decision of desigantion under the Code is taken by the Australian Administration.

4.- Non-differentiation provisions will not be triggered because commercial agreements resulted in different remuneration amounts or commercial outcomes than expected under the media-digital platform agreement.

5.- If the parts do not reach an agreement on remuneration after two months involved in a good faith mediation they can submit the issue to arbitration.

Facebook agrees to pay, a victory in the Australian Government’s view

On the Australian Government side, Josh Fridenberg (Treasurer Australia) informed via Twitter at around 08:30 this morning “Australian news will be restored to Facebook in the coming days. Facebook has committed to entering into good faith negotiations with Australian news media businesses to reach agreements to pay for content.”

Fletcher and Fridenberg_Government Australia_02_recortada
Josh Fridenberg (Treasurer of the Goverment of Australia) -on the right- and Paul Fletcher (Minister of Communications of the Government of Australia).© Government of Australia.

Three minutes after, Fridenberg announced: “In a positive development this afternoon, Seven West Media has announced a commercial partnership with Facebook to provide news content across their metro & regional media platforms.”

Paul Fletcher (Australian Minister of Communications) said on a tweet released at 6:00 am today: Facebook today announced it will restore Australian news media to its pages. Treasurer @JoshFrydenberg and I look forward to the News Media Bargaining Code passing through the Parliament this week.”

The Australian Government makes clear in the press release explaining the changes to be itroduced in the Code after the negotiations with Facebook:

1.- that the Code “will strengthen the hand of regional and small publishers in obtaining appropriate remuneration for the use of their content by the digital platforms.”

2.- that “the Explanatory Memorandum will confirm that the Code only applies to the extent a digital platform is making covered news content available through those services.”

3.- that “these amendments also add further impetus for parties to engage in commercial negotiations outside the Code”

Image over the headline.- News to return to Australia. Like icon,© Facebook.

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