Havas Blockchain partners with Coinhouse in the field of tailored services for corporations in the token economy

Havas Blockchain and Coinhouse have agreed to partner in order to offer a tailor-made service dedicated for corporations in the token economy that includes:1)Corporate training and education in blockchain technology; 2)communication services which are both international and multichannel; 3)the availability of cryptoasset specific compliance solutions; 4)the possibility of buying and selling cryptoassets through a trusted partner recognized by regulatory authorities in France and in Europe; 5) the secure storage of the cryptoassets and the ability to use them to execute contracts and applications on public blockchains.

“When we first launched Havas blockchain, our priority was to support responsable ICOs by providing them with a global and international communication offer in partnership with Blockchain Partner. By associating us with Coinhouse, we now have a new range of services to offer our clients with tailor-made accompaniment on compliance and investment topics without compromising about security and transparence,” explained Fabien Aufrechter, Head of Havas Blockchain.

Nicolas Louvet (CEO Coinhouse) and Fabien Aufrechter (Head of Havas Blockchain) present the partnership. © Coinhouse

“More and more enterprises are positioning themselves to invest in blockchain technology. In a few months, large public companies will already be investing in the token economy. It is in this context that we decided to partner with Havas Blockchain: to offer our enterprise clients premium communication services for all their blockchain based projects” said Nicolas Louvet, CEO Coinhouse.

The partnership between Havas Blockchain and Coinsecure partnership aims to democratise public blockchains by helping enterprises run their smart contracts and decentralised applications. They need to use the blockchain’s associated cryptoasset to run these new applications (for example: ether for the Ethereum blockchain).

Image over the headline.- Nicolas Louvet (CEO Coinhouse) and Fabien Aufrechter (Head of Havas Blockchain) present the partnership. Coinhouse

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