iPinYou announces plans to enter Europe and the USA under Sara Ye’s lead

iPinYou, China’s largest programmatic advertising DSP platform has unveiled plans to extend its technical platform to cross-border programmatic advertising businesses in U.S., South Asia and Europe under its newly appointed President, Sara Ye.

Ye officially joined iPinYou on January, 2016 from iProspect and Amnet, where she held the CEO China position.

Sara Ye said on her appointment: “I have always focused on providing professional service for clients through digital marketing. And iPinYou is a big data ad tech company devoted to innovation. In the past few years, I have witnessed iPinYou’s rapid development in China and its transformation into a leader in the industry; iPinYou’s success in China will inevitably establish a solid foundation for its expansion plans in international markets. I am a believer in iPinYou’s vision of internationalization. I hope I could help more local brands expand beyond China as well as enabling more Chinese consumers to enjoy international brands and services. This will be both a meaningful and challenging endeavor. We believe iPinYou will finally develop into a global platform of big data marketing through the collective effort of our team members.”

Ye will assist foreign brands in entering China’s market and Chinese brands in expanding their business internationally through taking advantage of the growing trend in programmatic advertising.

At the end of 2015, iPinYou announced the successful closing of a pre-IPO financing of RMB 0.5 billion led by China Mobile Innovation Industry Fund with the focus on fully developing mobile advertising. In addition, iPinYou announced that it would further promote rapid development of its internationalization strategy. With the appointment of Sara Ye, iPinYou officially kicks off the internationalization of iPinYou’s DSP, with the initial focus on cross border marketing opportunities.

An experienced ad industry leader

Ye is a leader in the digital marketing industry both at home and abroad, with over 18 years of experience in the advertising industry in the United States, Mainland China and Hong Kong. In the early stages of her career, Sara Ye joined Google as an expert in search engine advertising. Later, she became the first Managing Director of Search Marketing under WPP Group. Prior to joining iPinYou, she served as China CEO of iProspect and Amnet. She also once served as the first China President of IPG, in charge of both the search marketing business and all programmatic buying businesses. She is a visionary leader in China’s programmatic advertising market.

As senior executive in both agencies and ad tech companies, Sara Ye has achieved great successes in the digital marketing industry. She is familiar with advertising markets in both China and America, as well as proficient in display advertising and search advertising. All the capacities of the President of iPinYou will surely play an important role in the layout of the Chinese DSP internationalization strategy in 2016.

Grace Huang, the founder of iPinYou, stated: “We believe programmatic technology will make advertising borderless, and mobile advertising will further provide fertile soil for brand internationalization. Sara, a rare talent in the market who is proficient in both domestic and international digital marketing fields, also has countless experience in successfully building businesses from the ground up. I expect iPinYou’s global business will achieve significant breakthroughs and development under her leadership.”

Image over the headline.- Sara Ye (President iPinYou). Photo, © iProspect.

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