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Malayan Streamline Media Group supports expansion in Americas through US headquarters in las Vegas

Streamline Media Group (Streamline) announced this month the expansion of its game development and services to its US-based headquarters in Las Vegas, NV. The company, which started in 2001, decided to formally expand its presence in the Americas and is hiring developers to join its growing global team.

This expansion plan supports the growth of Streamline Media Group’s multiple lines of business including Streamframe, its proprietary game development platform and diverse digital offerings centered around the metaverse and enterprise gaming in the Americas.

Headauartered in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), Streamline Media Group is a global entertainment and enterprise video games company with presence in Asia, Europe, and the United States. Working through its business divisions, Streamline Studios, Streamframe, Streamline Games, All Pixels, and Day Zero, they create original games, technology, and solutions that gamers love and the industry relies upon.

Currently with over 150 employees from 43 nationalities, Streamline plans to significantly grow its team this year and currently is recruiting.If interested, click on the link I provide below.

Streamline is celebrating 20-years in video game development and has worked with global brands including Coca-Cola to produce the commercial tie-in with James Cameron’s Avatar for 20th Century Fox and most recently creating the world’s first interactive and immersive fashion experience with Balenciaga’s Afterworld: the Age of Tomorrow. The company has also worked on renowned projects such as Oddworld:Soulstorm and Street Fighter V. In 2020 Streamline released its first multiplatform original IP, Bake ‘n Switch.

Image over the headline.- Caption from world’s first interactive and immersive fashion experience with Balenciaga’s Afterworld: the Age of Tomorrow.© Streamline Media Group.

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