Miguel Ángel Furones passed away

Furones_presentacion libro first Class
Miguel Ángel Furones during the presentation of his novel book First Class. © Eastwind.

Advertising prodessional but, above all, writer, Miguel Ángel Furones (Honorary President Publicís Communications in Spain) died last afternoon by the COVID-19. “Almost “yesterday he had launched the think tank Presidentex together with Francisco José González, Agustín Medina, Fernando Herrero and Juan Ramón Plana.

Husband and father, this world class creative , highly appreciated by his many friends inside and outside the advertising sector, passed away at his 71’s.
I had the opportunity to meet Miguel Ángel Furones, like many other creative heavyweights, thanks to my father, Manuel González Carbajo, who pssed away in May 2020. And Furones was one of those great advertising professionals who allowed me telling on Eastwind magazines about their accomplishments.

I’m going to miss him, not only because of his sharp reflections, always accurately expressed with the skill of the great copywriter and writer he was. I’m going to miss a human being who has been always kind to me.

Born in Madrid on July 5th, 1949, trained at the Spanish Center for New Professions and graduated in Sociology from the Universidad Complutense of Madrid, Furones has been one of those living proofs that the best creative talent for advertising more than usually is the outcome of a miscelaneus training.

Founder of Vitruvio

He founded an agency called Vitruvio in 1980, which was merged in 1989 with the agency Leo Burnett (Publicis Groupe). There he remained several years, first as President of Vitruvio / Leo Burnett Madrid and then as Chairman of Leo Burnett Iberia from 1997 to 2000. Under his leadership Vitruvio / Leo Burnett Madrid became one of the most respected creative agencies in Spain.

Leading Leo Burnett Worldwide

As Chairman of Leo Burnett Worldwide (from 2000 to 2006) Miguel Ángel Furones assumed the responsibility for maintaining and improving the quality of Leo Burnett’s creative product in 96 countries. In order to achieve this, among other things, he was in charge of Leo Burnett’s Global Product Committee and every three months he used to bring together qualified professionals from the different countries where the Agency operates.

From left to right: Michael Conrad (President of the Berlin School of Creativity and former CCO of Leo Burnett Berlin and Leo Burnett Chicago), Marc Tutssel (Global Chief Creative Officer of Leo Burnett) and Miguel Ángel Furones (President of Publicis Communications in Spain ). © Eastwind.

In 2000 Leo Burnett was considered “Agency of the Year” in Spain by the magazine Publicidad and “Agency of the Year” in 2001 and 2002 at the Latin Spots Ojo de Iberoamérica awards. The agency was also voted Burnett’s “Global Agency of the Year” three times (1998, 2002, 2004), demonstrating its world-class creative power and brand-building know-how.

Five years as Chirman at Publicis Communications

Miguel Ángel Furones dedicated the last five years of his life to Publicis Communications. First as executive head in Spain and since 2019 as Honorary Chairman of this Group that includes the following agencies: Publicis Worldwide Spain, Leo Burnett Madrid, Saatchi & Saatchi Madrid, Nurun, WYSIWYG * and Saatchi & Saatchi Barcelona.

Accomplished writer and once, an actor

Among the various books signed by this accomplished writer I would highlight two “The Ad Writer” and “First Class.” The first of them was sold so well in Spain that the publisher decided to launch it in Mexico and other Latin American countries as well. Shortly before his death, Miguel Ángel Furones had published his third novel “The Tea from Kunming”.

Furoenes_Colomo_First Class_y Presenteción de Nurun
Left: Miguel Ángel Furones and his friend the film director Fernando Colomo at the presentation of the book First Class. Right: Miguel Ángel Furones in the presentation of the digital agency Nurun (Publicis Communications) in Spain. © Eastwind.

«Writing for me is», said once Miguel Ángel Furones, ».. Taking revenge on oneself»… »Detach oneself» and «Selling your life dearly».

The best friend for his friends, when his childhood mate, the reputed film director Fernando Colomo, suggested him to perform together with Marcos de Quinto (former President of Coca-Cola Iberia and former Marketing Director of Coca-Cola) in the movie La isla Bonita, Furones did not hesitate to accept. This would be his first and last adventure as a film actor.

Image over the headline.- Miguel Ángel Furones (Honorary President of Publicis Communications Spain). Image by Ffurones via Wikimedia Commons. To see the original of the photograph and the terms in which it is licensed, click here

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