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Moongcho, a bold snowball, will be the mascot of Gangwon Youth Olympic Games 2024

With exactly one year to go to the start of the Winter Youth Olympic Games (YOG) Gangwon 2024, the local Organising Committee (YOGOC) has revealed the official mascot Moongcho as well as the official song and choreography at a series of events in the province.
Mascot Moongcho represents a snowball, born out of a snowball fight between Soohorang and Bandabi, the mascots of the Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games PyeongChang 2018.

Moongcho, the mascot of the Youth Olympic Games Gangwon 2024. © Gangwon 2024

Moongcho builds on the legacy of PyeongChang 2018. The mascot wears goggles and a scarf and is waiting for the Winter Youth Olympic Games Gangwon 2024 with a pounding heart, just like the athletes.

B-girl and YOG medallist Yeri Kim was also named as the latest honorary ambassador for the Games, joining figure skating legend Yuna Kim in the role which will help promote winter sport and Olympic values, under the slogan “Grow Together Shine Together” and rooted in a whole Human Rights Charter signed last 24th August.

B-girl and YOG medallist Yeri Kim, named honorary ambassador for the YOG Gangwon 2024. Caption from the IOC video I provide below (links).

IOC President Thomas Bach commented: “The unveiling of the mascot is always an important milestone, and with just one year to go today, we can be confident that the youth of the world will have an outstanding experience during their time in Gangwon. The Organising Committee has leveraged the legacy of the Olympic Winter Games PyeongChang 2018, appointed inspiring ambassadors and created a young and enthusiastic team who will make the athletes feel at home. We can look forward to truly great Winter Youth Olympic Games, with great sports performances in the Olympic spirit of solidarity and peace.”

Moongcho_accompanied with Yeri Kim_Yuna Kim_ Hong Zhang and Kim Chulmin_02
Moongcho, accompanied by Yeri Kim, Yuna Kim, Hong Zhang and Kim Chulmin at the event introducing the mascot. Caption from the video I provide below (links).

YOGOC Secretary General Kim Chulmin continued: “The spirit of Olympism is based on fair competition, and the YOG are an opportunity for young athletes to get to know each other through various exchanges. The YOG will allow athletes who participate to not only compete, but also develop and grow. Through many different cultural exchanges, festival and other activities, young people will have the opportunity to meet each other and unite as they learn about the Olympic spirit.”

1st Youth Olimpic Games ever to be held in Asia

The 4th Winter YOG taking place in Gangwon, Republic of Korea, will be held between 19 January and 1 February 2024. The first Winter YOG to be held in Asia will provide a platform for young athletes to showcase their skills and compete against their peers on the international stage. Gangwon 2024 will benefit from PyeongChang’s 2018 Olympic Winter Games’ legacy by using several of the same facilities for the YOG. Approximately 1,900 athletes from around 81 National Olympic Committees are expected to take part.

Dedicated website

The International Olympic Committee has also launched today the Gangwon 2024 website on its digital platform,, which provides a comprehensive source for all Games-related information. Fans can learn more about Gangwon 2024, the venues, the athletes, the sports and the brand, and get up to speed on the latest YOG news. During the Gangwon 2024 Winter Youth Olympic Games, fans will also be able to keep up to date on the competitions and the athletes’ results.

A song and a choreography easy to follow at the purest Korean Wave

The Gangwon 2024 YOGOC also unveiled the official song for the Games, entitled “We Go High”. The song expresses the growth of the young people, as the athletes joyfully take part in the YOG, and symbolises the peaceful future that they are creating. The winner of the song competition, music student Keun Hak Kim (25), included in the lyrics a message for the young athletes to believe in themselves and chase their dreams at the YOG. The song is performed by Keun Hak Kim, young artist Choi Seo-Yeon and the ChunCheon City Youth Choir.

Boys and girls dancing to the YOG Gangwon 2024 anthem
Boys and girls dancing to the “We Go High” song at the event introducing Moongcho. Caption of the video I provide below (links).

The accompanying choreography was performed for the first time at the one-year to go event in PyeongChang by a group of 60 young people, composed of local students, a dance team and athletes who are part of the Dream Programme managed by the PyeongChang 2018 Legacy Foundation.

Coordination Commission Chair and IOC Member Hong Zhang explained: “The engagement and mobilisation of local youth is a top priority. Young people hold the power to shape and transform our society in ways that are both significant and meaningful. By providing opportunities for them to engage in sport and Olympic values education, we can empower them to become role models in their communities. Gangwon 2024 is not just about competition, it’s about creating opportunities for local youth to reach their full potential and contribute to building a better future for all.”

Image over the headline.- Moongcho, the mascot of the Gangwon Youth Olympic Games 2024.© Gangwon 2024

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