Rodolphe Rodrigues, co-founder of Weborama, joins Havas Group

Rodolphe Rodrigues, former Global Media Director at AXA, co-founder of Weborama and Doctor in Quantum Molecular Physics, has joined Havas in the newly created role of Global Head of Data, Havas Group Media. He will report directly to Stéphanie Marie, Chief Transformation Officer, Havas Group Media.

Rodrigues will lead all new data initiatives, managing investments and teams across the entire data scope, including data governance and business models. His role will include the global expansion and management of the global DBi team.
With over 20 years success in the development of data ecosystems for leading brands, Rodolphe will develop behavioural audience segmentation and content strategies for the Group around the world, allowing clients implement tailored marketing strategies to drive business success.

Stéphanie Marie, Chief Transformation Officer, Havas Group Media. “Attracting prestigious global innovators such as Rodolphe is critical to our growth and our clients’ businesses. Rodolphe’s deep understanding of data and audience planning further enables us to offer our clients the best solutions on the market. Rodolphe already understands the value that our integrated Havas Village model presents and the benefits that the effective management of the data ecosystem can bring to our clients.”
Rodolphe Rodrigues adds: “Working with progressive minds is something I crave. I have no doubt that Havas Group will provide fertile ground for the growth and development of more sophisticated and meaningful ways of using data to connect with people. The integrated Havas Village model enjoyed by the Havas teams and their clients is something that genuinely excites me. I know that within this framework we can place data at the core of progress, connectivity and creativity. These are exciting times and I am delighted to be able to work with Havas teams and their clients as our world explodes with greater understanding and new possibilities.”

Image over the headline.- Rodolphe Rodrigues (Global Head of Data, Havas Group Media). © Havas Media Group.

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